Hello, January! And Hello, 2018!

So, I’m a day behind on things and it’s the start of the new year. Whoops. It seems to be the way of things. I was supposed to go to Ray’s Saturday night after work, and naturally, it snowed. And snowed, and snowed and snowed. All day. With frigid temperatures. So Saturday night was lost, but he still came to get me Sunday afternoon. Which was nice, but we lost a night over it, and when a weekend is already short…. it went by so fast!

I got back last night, but I was too tired to write, so I wrote that very short post (here), and called it a night. I hope everyone had a good New Year’s celebration! I’ll go more into what happened in my journal entry tomorrow (not that a whole lot happened). It’s just crazy we’re already into January. I’m dreading these next few months, because it means more cold and harsh weather like we had this weekend (and this week). At least I don’t live in Erie. Those poor people had a over a foot of snow last week. Whenever I saw pictures of that it made me glad that we didn’t get anything to that extent.

I took this picture right after I left my house Saturday morning. Suffice to say there was a reason I didn’t want Ray driving, nor did he feel comfortable driving in this.

Back to the topic at hand though, I started this thing in October where I would make a personal goal list (last month: here) on top of my writing challenge (current one: here). Now that January is here, and the holiday season is officially over, I can start getting back into what I really need to do: save my money. Those urges I keep getting to buy things needs to get put on hold, because I have goals and they require money (unfortunately). I have almost $70 saved up now in my change jar, and I made over $40 in tips last week. If I keep saving without touching my money, just think of where I can be by June. I may get that new computer. These are things I’m trying to remind myself of. If I get my new computer, I can get my ass back in gear of working in photography and graphics. Even video again. So what are my goals for just January?

January Personal Goals:
  • Start saving money – don’t touch it unless absolutely necessary. 
  • See Ray at least once (the next weekend we can make it look is again at the end of the month…).
  • Locate my birth certificate, and if not, order a new one.
  • Work on creating my new online portfolio, and updating my resume as needed.
  • Organize my room. Put things away that I am not using, and go from there. I’m tired of having boxes upon boxes in the corner of my room.

I’m keeping it short this month, the more I make into goals, the less likely they get done (or at least I’m noticing this). I think this is a good start though, and these are things I really do need to focus on getting done. There are a few things I would like to get started in 2018, too. I made some new year goals (here), and one of them was starting yoga, another was getting myself back into reading, and another was starting a bullet journal. All of these things are still in the mix, but they might not happen right away. I really want to start saving money, and I don’t own a yoga mat yet, or a bullet journal. It’s one or the other next paycheck. And bullet journaling needs a bunch of small accessories, too. So we’ll see! I wish I had a desk. Or room for a desk. Reading just requires me going back to our library. That one just requires time.

What are some of your goals for this month?

January Writing Challenge #1

Since I’m posting this a day late, I don’t want to fall behind on my writing schedule. You’ll be getting another post from me later today as well.

14 thoughts on “Hello, January! And Hello, 2018!”

    1. I’m going to try really hard to not impulse buy lol. It really is no fun but it’ll pay off in the long run! I just need to tell myself that if I save that extra $20 a paycheck that it’ll really add up after a few months.

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