December: Highs And Lows

Honestly, December is about to end, and I couldn’t be happier. The holidays are just about over, and that means we’re in for a long winter (unfortunately – no, I’m not stoked about that). What I am stoked for, though, is to head back into saving money and focusing on my goals. This month I know I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to because of Christmas.

Last month’s Highs and Lows

I also had a personal goal list here.

So what are my highs and lows of this month?


-I managed to get gifts for everyone.
-It hasn’t happened yet, but I am celebrating New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with Ray.
-I did try for my permit and passed the test.
-I went to update information for my health care, and found out I have my insurance until next year, so that’s solid.
-Got my shifts back to normal at work.
-Christmas went well, and I got things that I needed.
-I also bought myself a few games.
-I went to the work Christmas Party.


-I tried for my permit, passed the test, but can’t actually get my permit until I submit my birth certificate, which is MIA.
-I may have to order a new birth certificate.
-I haven’t had time to update my resume.
-I haven’t had time to work on my online portfolio.
-I spent more money than I needed to.
-I didn’t clean my room up like I had wanted to. Lacked the time for it.

There have been some good things about December, but majority of the month was preparing for Christmas. Now that it’s finally over, I can take a step back to reality and focus on the things that I need to. I haven’t had time to really focus on the things that I need to, and that needs to change.

I’m really dreading the upcoming cold winter days, but I know spring will be approaching in a few months. I’m so ready for warm weather already, it’s been so damn frigid lately! I have some high hopes for 2018, so I really hope things improve in January. I realized lately that I really can start saving my money, and I need to take advantage of this right now. I made almost $40 in tips this week and it’s not even the weekend officially. I have close to $70 saved up in change alone, too.

Who knows what I’m saving up for right now, because there’s so many things to  save up for. A car, a computer, lenses for my camera, a vacation – there’s so much! But saving is important, and I really want to make it happen this upcoming year.

How did your December turn out? Did you accomplish any personal goals this month?

December Writing Challenge #30

10 thoughts on “December: Highs And Lows”

    1. You definitely aren’t alone! I’m sorry your month was really bad. The holidays are really stressful, and when money is tight and time is tight, it’s tough. I hope the new year is wonderful for you, too, sounds like you need some good things happening 💜

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  1. Aw the number of items on your lists are close but I think your highs have definitely outweighed your lows for this month! You’re so close to getting your license, I’m getting excited for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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