Self Portrait + 5 Random Facts (2)

I did one of these before, last month (here). I decided to post another selfie of myself on here since it’s been awhile. Honestly, I’m not much for taking selfies. Half the time I don’t have time to do my hair or makeup and when I try for a decent photo – the camera betrays me. And then on days where I actually do try to fix myself up, the camera still doesn’t capture me the way the mirror does. So selfies and I, it’s hard. You know the struggle, don’t you?

Anyways, here’s another Self Portrait of myself, followed by 5 more random facts (because you can’t get enough of me):

I can’t remember the last book I read. Lately, I’ve been thinking about this, and I truly cannot remember it. There are a couple of books on Wattpad I’ve started and tried to get myself back into reading, but then I fail. I used to be such an avid bookworm – I just don’t have the energy for it half the time these days. Maybe I just need a good book to get me up and out of that funk.

When it comes to writing stories, I used to draw my inspiration from my current obsessions. If I was reading a lot of werewolf stories, I had to write something that was an original werewolf fantasy. It never took off, but I drew ideas from the movies I watched and the books I read. The ideas I would come up with would kind of combine those different elements, to make it’s own unique story. The things I wanted to see happen but never happened. And then I would draw up writers block, and when I would come back to write again, my inspiration would’ve shifted, and the story was no longer the same. Hence, my never happened writing career.

My SNES is older than I am and around 30 years old, yet it still runs like a pro. Most people can’t even get their Xbox to last more than a few years. Props to those older systems – they really don’t make things like they used to. There’s a few good things about that. I can’t tell you the countless files that have gotten erased by blowing out the cartridges for games.

I recently bought a charging station for my Xbox 360 controllers. I’ve had this system for 8 years, and I just now realized how I’ve wasted countless money on batteries for no reason. I know I’m behind the times, this just furthered that. Especially since the 360 is far from relevant.

And finally, ever since I made that Childhood Obsessions post, it made me want to bring back the nostalgia of playing Diablo II as a kid. And since I can’t play D2, I’ve been playing D3 on my Xbox. It’s been worth the wasted time, even if it’s not the same (hello, D2 had a much better story line for one, and the online play was once epic). But I’ve been playing it a lot lately nonetheless. It’s a guilty pleasure.

December Writing Challenge #26

9 thoughts on “Self Portrait + 5 Random Facts (2)”

  1. I love your hair in this picture. I’m the same way anymore when it comes to taking selfie’s. I mostly only do my makeup on days that I work, but then I don’t have time to take any photos before having to leave for work. Or if I do have a little bit of extra time, I can never get a good picture. Most weekends I am tired and lazy from working and don’t feel like doing my hair or makeup.

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    1. Thank you ☺️ and I feel you! I’m too lazy to do my makeup for work half the time, or I run out of time in the morning. I’m so much better about it in the summer, but winter I struggle to care 😂 the most I do is the bare minimum most days. I struggle so much finding a good photo. Even this one I took like 30 before I found one I liked 😅

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  2. I love your hair! I have a hard time with selfies, too haha. I just don’t get how some people take them in such good angles.
    I love how you write your facts, not in like a numbered list. I hope you get to reading a book someday soon. And you’re never too old to start your writing career. I’ve started and stopped writing so many times, like you. I keep telling myself: “one day”!
    I’ve never played Diablo but I remember some of my guy friends were obsessed with it. I would play Xbox Kinect while they crowded around the computer lol.

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    1. Awww thanks! And I feel you. Some people get the perfect selfies all the time and I try the same and I fail 😂
      And thank you ☺️ I hope I can get around to a book soon, too. And true! You’re right. I keep saying the same thing lol.
      That’s funny you remember that haha

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