Journal Entry (#11)

December 24, 2017
9:23 AM

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m so excited for this holiday to be over already. I’m done spending money! I still have one thing left to get Ray, and that’s the beer I was talking about in one of my previous posts. Once I get that (probably today) I’ll be all set.

You know what would be nice? If I could just get my period already. It sucks, my app tracker told me it would be here 2 days ago and it’s still not here. It’d be a Christmas miracle if it showed up by tomorrow, I’m going away to Ray’s weekend, it needs to. Usually this app is really close to when I get it (I’m not on birth control), so hopefully!

This week has been a busy one for me. Between work and last minute shopping and gift wrapping, I feel like I haven’t had much time for much else. To top it off, I got sick – or just a nasty cold. A few days ago I had a sore throat and was coughing a lot, I almost lost my voice at work. Now, I feel overall better, but I still have that lingering cough and a stuffy nose. It’s miserable. Just in time for the holidays, right? As long as I’m feeling better by next weekend, I’ll take being sick now.

C keeps telling me I kissed him at the Christmas Party, and I swear to God I didn’t. I know the night gets a little fuzzy for me, but something like that I know for sure I’d remember. Pretty sure he’s fucking with me, but he’s been openly flirting with me all week about trying to get me to kiss him and just being overly sweet. I’m like, you know I’m with Ray, stop. LOL. There’s a fine line there I’m not crossing. The problem with me is I’m too serious about stuff like that, I don’t like people fucking with me. I think C is half serious though. I keep telling him no.

I don’t want to go to work today. A2 was going to take my shift today, but Alex really didn’t want her working today versus me. Because at least he can trust me to know what I’m doing. It’s a lot of selling gift cards and beer more than anything. Gift cards she’d be fine with, beer, not so much. And that’s mainly because I don’t really want her focusing on beer, because until she’s been here for awhile and can really pick up on it, I don’t want her setting the wrong things out. We go through a lot of new beer, that you have to familiarize yourself with what we usually have versus what’s seasonal. She also doesn’t drink, which means she has less of an interest. Which isn’t bad! I just know for me, I learned a lot by trying the new beer we got in. And it took me months to pick up on everything. I only started hauling beer the last 4 or 5 months. Now my boss goes to me when we get new stuff in, because I set it out. It’s actually kind of exciting for me, I get to play a puzzle on where to set it out, what would be a good spot, how can I move something, etc. Best part of my job.

Speaking of, too, I love the fact I can recommend certain beer to customers now, too. I’ve actually gotten to the place where I can’t go back to domestic beer. I bought a 6 pack of Bud Light Lime the other day and it was like drinking water. It wasn’t very good. I’ve become spoiled by craft beer – beer with a taste. And the me from last year would’ve hated half the stuff I like now. It really is a taste that grows on you. I used to hate the taste of beer, now I find myself comparing breweries and different types. I’m a beer connoisseur. IPA’s are still hard for me to get into though, but the hops aren’t as awful as they used to be.

My mom really can’t say I’m an alcoholic, because majority of the time, I’m bringing a mix pack home versus an actual 6 pack. I may buy a pack if I really liked a certain beer, but it’s not that often anymore. I buy to try it out. It’s not even to get drunk. I think Untapp’d is becoming a favorite app, just so I can rate beer I’ve tried and actually remember what I have tried.

After work today, hopefully I’ll be done early, I have to wrap up John’s gifts for  my mom (my mom doesn’t think he wraps nice enough I guess),  and then help with getting ready for tomorrow. I never understood why my mother makes a big to do about tomorrow when we don’t even have company coming over. It’s literally just the three of us, as always. Who cares if we get the bathroom cleaned in time? With how I’m feeling, I really don’t want to even go there tonight. As long as downstairs looks nice. I haven’t even had time to go through the things in my room to put stuff in boxes and make use of the shelves I have in here. There’s college books that I really don’t have room for (and obviously don’t read) that can just get put away for awhile. I don’t play the PS2, so I need to put those games away, too. Things like that.

Again, can’t wait to actually have some time to relax after tomorrow. I can go home from work and actually work on a blog post, or catch up on reading. Or maybe even do some organizing. Since I won’t be off until Sunday this week, and I’m going to Ray’s Saturday night, I’ll save these goals for the new year. But my plan for this week is to get all my posts ready so I won’t have to worry about being behind at all! I have fallen behind, and I do apologize (why am I sorry?). I even stopped my daily photos because I was just realizing it was a lot of the same, and nothing interested me. I may bring these back eventually, maybe bring some color in the photos, but for now they may be sporadic.

I do have some goals for next year for this blog, so as always, thank you guys for always sticking by me. I was nominated by a couple of you for a few awards as well, and I plan on getting to those this week as well. Thank you so much guys!

9:43 AM

December Writing Challenge #24

10 thoughts on “Journal Entry (#11)”

  1. I don’t drink beer, so I’ve never had the Bud Light Lime, though I have had the Lime-a-Rita’s. They’re okay. Not my favorite flavor of the Rita’s though. Those are pretty much all I drink. I’ve been loving the Pomegranate ones.

    Glad you’re feeling a little better. I woke up today feeling a little under the weather. My throat feels scratchy and like it has gunk in it or something. I’m hoping I’m not getting sick because it’s like the worst time for it to happen, with Christmas and not being able to miss work this week. I just took a Vitamic C supplement, so hopefully that helps some.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Bud Light Rita’s are okay, but they’re way too sugary for me. At least the strawberry one I tried was. I never tried the pomegranate, we don’t carry it.

      And thank you! That sucks you’re feeling sickish, that’s similar to how I’ve been feeling, and it sucks. Vitamin C can help, I should be taking some of those. Hopefully it helps for you!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw, wow. I bet C is just lying to you because he wants you to kiss him. Ask your co-workers if they saw anything, if it is bothering you? 😛
    I think it’s awesome that you try the beers & that you are able to recommend the ones you like to customers. It will prob be a lot harder for A2 if she doesn’t drink any. I don’t think you’re an alcoholic for trying out different beers!
    Glad you’re getting some time to relax finally, you deserve it!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alex told me it never happened lol. They were just fucking with me. But C really does like me, and now he’s openly flirting with me 😂 I knew it didn’t happen, I would’ve remembered a kiss. Plus I was texting Ray all that night.
      I definitely feel like I know a decent amount about beer now, it makes me happy 😂 and thank you ☺️
      And awww thanks! I hope you’re getting time to relax, too

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha I’m glad it didn’t happen! I suspected C probably has a crush on you! Lol. I’ve gotten so drunk before I didn’t remember having sex so it’s possible you forgot a kiss but I believe you when you say you didn’t lol and Alex has your back 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahah so am I! And I knew he did for quite awhile, now he’s just openly flirting with me even though he knows it’s not going to happen. He just says “for the future” lmao. And ohh man that’s crazy! I’ve never been that bad, and I wasn’t that bad that night. I mean I was pretty drunk, but that’s something I would’ve remembered, because I remember the big parts of the night lol. Alex was agreeing with all the guys for the first few days and then he told me the other day it never happened 😂 it made C sad lmao.

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