Plans For Christmas & New Year’s

When I thought of this idea for this post, I thought there would’ve been a chance of us going down to at least see my grandmother this year for Christmas, but, we’re celebrating it just the three of us again. It always amazes me how stressed my mother gets when it’s just the three of us for the holidays – you think she could relax a little more.

So for Christmas, my place of employment is closed. I’ll be home for the holiday, and the only plans are to open gifts, spend time with each other (or my mother mainly), and to eat some ham, drink some wine and beer, and just have a good relaxing day. Christmas Even might be for the wine actually. I bought some Pink Moscato Bubbly for myself that I’m debating bringing down to Ray’s – it may be too girly for him (which would just mean more for me, right?).

Which leads me, of course, to my New Year’s plans: to spend it with Ray. I’m not entirely sure what we’re going to do yet – if we’ll spend it at his place or go out to celebrate, or if we’ll celebrate with his friends. I’m just stoked to finally see him. I work Tuesday-Saturday this upcoming week. I’m working until 6 Saturday, but I think I may try to leave a little earlier that day if I can so I can see him sooner. I’m just excited to bring in the new year with him.

What are your plans for the holidays? Anything special?

Side note: I’ve been slacking a little lately, and I’m hoping to get myself back into my daily goals as soon as January hits (after I’m home of course). I’m also sick right now, so between that, the holidays, and work, I’ve been all over the place. Thanks for bearing with me guys. Much love! 💜

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