The Christmas Tag

I’ve been seeing the Christmas Tag going around this month, and when I saw Hunida do hers (here) I had to jump on the train. I’m slacking this month, I’m sorry guys! Today I was supposed to write about my most memorable Christmas, and my mind was blanking, so instead of doing that post, here are some Christmas related questions for the tag:

Do you like Christmas?
I have a love and hate relationship with Christmas. I love the spirit of it, seeing all the lights and people buying for each other. However, I hate the stress it puts on everyone, and how it’s so commercialized that you feel you must go all out or it’s not worth it. I’m always stressed and my bank account is run dry in December.

What do you enjoy most about Christmas?
Christmas lights! And Christmas music, and Christmas movies. I wish I could get myself more in the spirit, it hasn’t felt like a real Christmas to me in years. As much as I’m not a fan of it, snow really makes Christmas feel like a holiday.

Do you travel at Christmas or stay home?
I’ve always stayed home. My mom and I have gone down to see my grandma and family on occasion (not for a while), but they live in Pittsburgh, and only about an hour away.

Do you send out Christmas cards?
I’ve never sent out Christmas cards but someday I’d like to. I just realize in a lot of ways I’m not sure who I’d even send them out to. There’s a few people though.

Do you go to any Christmas parties?
Does my work Christmas Party count?

Do you decorate your house?
My mom makes a big to do about having the outside decorated with lights (her boyfriend gets put to work for once). We also decorate the Christmas tree, and she puts out her Christmas bears and other little decorations. Some things we have to be careful about because the cats get into them.

What tops your tree?
An angel. She fades into different colors. My mom loves her.

When do you put a Christmas tree up?
We used to have a tradition where we would put the tree up Thanksgiving night, but the last few years we haven’t quite felt in the mood to set it up that night. So usually by the first week of December.

How long do you leave up your decorations?
Usually until New Year’s. After that they come down.

Which do you prefer, giving or receiving presents?
I like getting gifts, I’m not going to lie. But I really do enjoy buying gifts for people and seeing their faces when I pick out the right thing or something special. Last year, I bought my mom a photo frame with pictures of our old cat (who she was attached to for 15 years, we had to put him down that year), and she got really emotional over it. Stuff like that makes giving the best gift.

When and how did you learn about Santa Claus?
I don’t remember when or how I learned about him, I just remember growing up believing in him. And then somewhere down the road, when us kids got older, my mom and my step dad would jokingly use “From John Wayne.” I don’t remember where that joke started, I think it was a Mad Lib I brought home from school and did with my mom. That may have been one of my most memorable Christmases.

What’s your favourite thing to eat during Christmas holidays?
Definitely cookies! My mom and I have been baking cookies this year and I’ve been having too many this month, and it’s not even Christmas yet! I like candy, too.

I’m using this as my daily post today.

December Writing Challenge #22

6 thoughts on “The Christmas Tag”

    1. It definitely can be. And that’s awful. I’m not sure if I ever asked what you do? My job isn’t any different because it’s Christmas, just a lot more people buying beer a few days (right up to) the holiday and a lot of gift cards

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      1. I work at a mail processing company. We process donations for non profit organizations, so the holiday season is generally our busiest season. Plus, end of year is incredibly stressful because of tax season. For donations that are tax deductible, we have to make sure they’re handled a certain way so the person donating can get a tax break on their upcoming taxes. Lots of deadlines too.

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