Best Moments of 2017

For this post, I’m talking more on a personal level, because on a global level, I’m still not sure what the best moments were. I’d have to research that to remind myself. So here are my best moments of 2017 (in order):

*All photos belong to me in this post

1.) Brought in the new year with friends from work.

2.) Saw my best friend have her baby (not really saw, I saw her after she had her). We haven’t talked much since, but I do catch her once in awhile.

3.) Went to Pittsburgh with friends for the St. Patty’s Day Parade. Missed the parade, but we did drink all day and it was a lot of fun.

4.) Got over my toxic coworker after he got himself fired and left town. It was never going to go anywhere, anyways. The guy got himself fired because he sold himself beer after 2 AM when he wasn’t even clocked in. And he had been drinking. And he got fired from his job at a car dealership for drinking also. He’s since quit drinking and drugs, but he left town and I got over him.

5.) I had my first date with Ray. I’d been on other dates this year before him, or at least met up with other guys. But it went nowhere, or there was no feelings for me to keep it going. With Ray, everything changed – for the better. I’ve been happier since being with him.

When we got lost and took the scenic route.

6.) My second date with Ray happened the following week, and we spent 9-10 hours together just walking around, driving around, grabbing food and a couple drinks, and just enjoying each others’ company.

This is one of my favorite views ever. I wish I had an actual DSLR with me when I went here.

7.) I spent about four days down at my friends’ house in Pittsburgh, in June. We went to Kennywood all day during one of those days, and it was just me, my friend, and his girlfriend. It was a lot of fun. I got to spend one night over at Ray’s, my first night over. Technically our third date. And one day I just hung out at my friends’ and watched movies all day. It was a nice little getaway.

8.) I bought my Wii U off of my friend. It’s my newest system (I know it’s not new), and I’ve been buying games for it and I actually really love it.

9.) Ray and I took a weekend trip in July to this little town called Foxburg. We rented this cottage room, and it was perfect. The only drawback was we spent one night there. It would’ve been better to have the whole weekend. Despite that, it’s one of my best memories of this summer.

10.) Summer work party. Free drinks for employees, and I always get so trashed at these things. At one point in the night, I dropped my Corona Light bottle and it shattered on the floor. Some random guy next to me handed me a shot directly after, and my boss still gave me another shot. At least I was off the next day.

Summer Mules

11.) In August, I started up blogging again, and so far, I’ve been good about posting daily. Although, I did miss yesterday’s post. So two posts I’ve missed in 5 months? I’m still proud of myself. And since I’ve started, I’ve found some amazing followers, and have been following quite a few favorite blogs.

12.) I spent my birthday weekend away with Ray. We went to some random concert at his college, that was pretty nice. And then we went to Dave & Buster’s that weekend with his friends as well. We got to drink, eat, and play a lot of games. It was so much fun!

12.) September saw my good friend getting married. Her wedding was beautiful, and Ray went with me to that. We booked a hotel room in my town so we could have our own place to come back to, and despite how expensive it was, it was worth it. The bed was so big! He has a twin, I have a twin, and even in Foxburg the bed was only a full. Ray’s talked about getting a new bed, he really needs at least a full. I took him out to eat at my job that night, and he met a couple of coworkers, but they were on the busy side that night. Still hoping to bring him back one of these days.

13.) October brought Halloween, and that brought a costume party weekend with Ray. That weekend we went to two parties, one at his frat, one at his place. It was a lot of drinking and a lot of fun. Plus, we matched, and I think we looked great together.

14.) Early November I went out to celebrate two of my coworker’s birthdays, and I wound up getting more drunk than they did. I didn’t mean to, but I was drinking heavier stuff, and it hit me harder. No shots, but when I woke up the next morning for work, I was not doing too well.

15.) Mid-Late November I finally got to see Ray, and I got him beer for his birthday gift. While part of the weekend sucked because he had his formal (and he didn’t get around to inviting me in time), it was still nice what time we did spend together.

16.) Christmas Party a few nights ago. That day I got to help my coworker out at his catering thing, where I got to stand around half the day nibbling on snacks and still got paid $60. And then that night I went to the employee party at the bar – again, free drinks. And it was a lot of fun, drank about four drinks, and had my first tequila shot. Pretty drunk, and no work the next day so I slept it off.

I miss having these nights with the guys.

It really was a great year, my best moments have all been with Ray, and looking back, we really have done quite a bit. It does suck that with the distance we can’t see each other on a regular, and with school, I only get to see him about one weekend out of a month, but hopefully we can change that around next year. Once I get my license, things will be a little easier, and hopefully I can move myself a lot closer.

There were other good moments in the mix as well, I didn’t even mention the one night where I spent the night at my step brothers’, or our random DQ trips. I didn’t even mention my one friend and I taking a shopping trip down in Pittsburgh and seeing La La Land in theaters. I also forgot to mention when I got my Nikon DSLR for free off of someone’s brother at work.

There were definitely a lot of downsides to this year (the big one being our basement flooding this summer and losing a lot of shit), but there were still good things that came out of it (forced us to go through stuff and get rid of so much). You just have to focus on the positives, as hard as they may be at times. I know things are going to have to change soon, but I’m slowly getting my way there. I’ve made a lot of progress in the last year, I’m going to keep heading forward.

December Writing Challenge #19

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    1. It was such a cute little one room place! And the town was so peaceful. It really doesn’t seem like it was! Summer was at least 4 months ago and it’s so bizarre haha. Less than two weeks left, December always flies by

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