Journal Entry (#9)

December 17, 2017
10:50 AM

Christmas shopping is so expensive. I think this is why I’m mostly stressed around the holidays. I never have enough money to get the good stuff. However, I did luck out a little this week, because I made almost $50 in tips – and I don’t have to be tipped. People are more generous around the holidays I guess. But it always makes me feel so good when someone leaves me a tip.

The money didn’t last very long, though, because I went shopping at Wal-Mart last night for some gifts, and I spent over $80. I feel like I barely got anything. It’s all small stuff, and a blanket. I’m trying to find some nice things to get my mom, but I don’t think it’s going to be a big Christmas either way. I want to at least get her one really nice thing, though, and I may get her one of those handheld vacuum’s that pick up pet hair easily. She mentioned wanting one. A good one is around $40, and it’s practical. I like practical gifts.

The Baptist I got Ray for his birthday.

Ray finally finished off the last beer that I got him last night, it was a Big Baptist Imperial Stout. I had customers tell me it was really good, so I’m glad he liked it. We actually got a new one in stock, it’s $18.99 for a single bottle though (22 oz). Since he liked the other one, I think I may actually get him one to add to his Christmas gifts and call it set. A coffee mug and beer. And some cookies. I don’t want to go too far out, we haven’t really talked about getting each other gifts. A part of me doesn’t want to just assume, but either way I want it to be a bit of a surprise. He doesn’t have to get me much, I just want to spend time with him.

The Baptist I think I’m going to buy him for Christmas/New Year’s.

It’s been a week, and by that, not too much has happened also. Friday, my work day started with me trying to run around in the morning to get things done before we opened. This lady pulled into the parking lot around 10:38 AM (we open up at 11 AM everyday). She tried the door, couldn’t get in, so went back in her car. Most people leave at this point, not her. So I’m wiping down tables and then I go to wipe off the front door…. and she gets out of her car to try the door again. At this point I’m annoyed – I can’t open the door for one, I’m not a manager. And two, I fucking hate talking to people through glass. I’m just trying to do my job, leave me alone. But she’s at the door and she keeps saying something about getting a take out menu. And I’m like, we’re not open yet, trying to tell her we still have like 10 minutes before we open. Then the phone in my back pocket starts ringing which cut me off, and I probably looked like a bitch walking away, and there wound up being no one on the phone anyways.

Point is, this lady set me off. And I didn’t mean to be such a bitch about it, this lady was old and walking with a cane, I’m probably going to hell for this. But I went to the back and was bitching to the guys about this fucking lady who was waiting in the fucking parking lot for a fucking half hour waiting for a fucking take out menu. Like, are you serious? I have so much running around to do some mornings, I still had to bring out about 6 or 7 cases of beer because night shift didn’t stock it up and instead of filling the holes on the shelves, they turned the beer. I hate when they do that, it doesn’t take long to just stock the damn shelves.

When we opened, this lady finally came in, got her menu, sat in her car for another 10 minutes, and then left. The guys were laughing at me and then said I was being mean over it. But… like, I fucking hate when people/customers try to talk to me through the fucking door. We’re not open, this is my period to get my shit done, leave me alone. It’s bad enough having to answer the phone.

Later on during the day, it wasn’t too bad, until my replacement cashier, A2 (I think that’s what I called her), came in, and then had to leave 5 minutes later because she threw up. So I got stuck running register by myself while we were super busy – which it’s not like I can’t do, but it makes it hard to do anything else. It was non stop. And then my trainee, A3 (we have 3 girls who’s names all start with A, I can only be so original), came in at 6. I wound up having to stay until close to 9 that night, and was still worried about her being on her own when I left. I was waiting for a ride home from my coworker (there was a snow storm outside right when I was going to leave, what are the odds?) and she forgot a sandwich with an order and was beating herself up over it. We wound up dropping the sandwich off, so it worked out, but some of the guys were being harsh with her for forgetting things, and I felt bad. I was in that position before, they can be assholes.

On the plus side, because I stayed later, I got to have today off because A2 didn’t want to lose her hours so she took my shift. And I’m helping my coworker Oscar out with some kind of catering thing today anyways, so it worked out. I’m kind of stoked to get this thing done and over with and head to the Christmas party later. I hope I’m off tomorrow, Josh was supposed to have the schedule done Friday night but it wasn’t done still when I left yesterday. A1 is going on vacation from the 20th-27th, so I have to have the next two days off, I feel.

I’m at that point in the year I’m just ready to be done with the holidays, or at least the shopping. I’m excited to gift wrap, and get to that point at least, but spending money I’m not a fan of. I’ve decided that starting the new year, I’m going to take $20 out of every paycheck to put in my savings. And then all of my tips are going straight into my savings as well – hopefully I can keep that up this time.

I splurged, and bought myself a game for my Wii U. Super Mario Bros. I found a good deal. Have you ever used or heard of Swagbucks before? I did a bunch of surveys back in the summer, and got myself 2,000 points, which equals to $20, so I got myself a couple of eBay gift cards. So I bought this game for $9, because I used that $20 towards it. And it worked. I was surprised. I got the game, too, haven’t played it yet. When I wrote my Childhood Obsessions post, I mentioned Diablo 2 in there, and it’s made me nostalgic so I’ve been playing Diablo 3 on my Xbox 360 lately. It’s not the same, I liked the old story line better. I missed playing video games.

I miss reading, too. I keep seeing these blog posts about reading books and I just feel too tired half the  time to focus on reading. It sucks. I need the right atmosphere I guess. Maybe soon.

11:14 AM

December Writing Challenge #17

10 thoughts on “Journal Entry (#9)”

  1. Shopping can get expensive! I’m like wrapping all these presents and it’s like crazy the amount of stuff people buy. But I do reckon practical gifts are the best cause then they actually get used as well 🙂 that is so frustrating with the lady! And awkward like you can see the door is closed and you don’t open till 11 haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can imagine! I’ve seen some of it and there’s no way I can get that much haha. And yes, exactly! 🙂 it makes me feel like it’s a good use of money. And thanks for understanding my frustration haha. we don’t have a sign, but still. If we’re not open we’re not open

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Holy. $18.99 for a bottle of beer? That’s a lot. My crazy teenage brother wants a pair of $120 nikes & it’s the last gift I have to get. It’s stressing me out so much! I can’t wait for this month to be over & done with.
    I do think the vacuum for your ma would be a good idea!! & I tried swagbucks lol it was weird. I left the website after like one survey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh I know it is! But I’m learning some beer is like liquor – it ages well, and when it’s brewed in a whiskey barrel or along those lines – it’s expensive! Because it’s good. And ohh man shoes are so expensive! Especially name brands.
      I think so, too! Haha swagbucks is weird, but I did get $20 out of it so hey, it works! took me over a month to do though

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh really?! I didn’t know that! That’s so interesting. Yeah, everything Nike is so expensive & that’s all he wants. I’ll prob have to send his gift late.
        Hey! $20 is pretty good for just clicking buttons! Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Right? I never knew it before working here. If a beer is expensive, it has to deal with how high the alcohol content is, and how it was brewed. And gotcha! Nike is probably the most expensive lol. And right? I was so happy it actually worked 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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