Mid-December Accomplishments

Time really is flying right by. Guys, we have less than 3 weeks before we’re in a new year. Crazy right? This time of year always flies right by, and honestly I’m just dragging feet because I want to see Ray and I can’t until New Year’s. Story of my life! But it’s been almost a month, so yes, time can keep flying by.

As with the trend, I made some personal goals earlier this month (here). I haven’t done as much as I’ve wanted to, and honestly, I’ve spent a lot of time not wanting to do much. But I have done a few things, so let’s recap my goals for this month:

  • Get Christmas gifts for everyone 
  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Ray 
  • Try for my permit (with only my State ID).
  • Remember to update my information for my health care 
  • Update my resume
  • Work on a new online portfolio
  • Finish cleaning and putting stuff away in my room

Well, I still have to buy gifts for everyone. Basically, just my mother at this point, and maybe a couple of more small things for Ray. Honestly, Ray and I haven’t talked about gifts, so a part of me doesn’t know what to really do for him. Beer is always a good choice though.

We haven’t gotten to New Year’s yet, but so far, the plan is still to spend it together. So fingers crossed the weather stays decent. We just had a snow storm and got about 4-5 inches. Not happy about it at all.

I did try for my permit – even passed my permit test. However, my State ID is no longer enough to get it. So finding my birth certificate is a must, otherwise I’m ordering a new one. Which sucks.

As far as my healthcare goes, I did go online to check it out. Apparently, I still have it until next year, so I’m good with that. I do need to update my information, because I do make more, but it wouldn’t let me do that. So the only way to do that is through the office? Or calling? I don’t really know.

I haven’t worked on my resume at all. Much less started on my portfolio. I haven’t had the time – or motivation. But maybe soon, I still have time, right?

Because most of my days off have been helping around the house, I haven’t felt much like cleaning up around my own room. There’s been nights after work where I could’ve, but then I think of what all needs done and I wrap the blanket around me and focus on Netflix. I’ve been slacking lately.

So, overall? I’ve done a few things, but I’ve still got a lot to get done. Getting gifts is the biggest one, Christmas is in 10 days. I just have had no motivation. Which sucks, because I actually really would love to dedicate my time to this stuff – but then there’s this real thing called work, where I actually get to spend about 40 hours a week at. It really puts a damper on things. I’ll get there though, I hope.

December Writing Challenge #15

8 thoughts on “Mid-December Accomplishments”

  1. It’s ok, love! Hahah we are both in the same boat this month–I want to do nothing EVERY SINGLE DAY. :-/
    I’m happy for you about the insurance! I still didn’t cancel mine & they’ll be taking my money out again in 4 days, lol…hopefully it’s only once this time!

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