10 Random Thoughts

1.) What would I look like as a blonde? I’ve never dyed my hair before, and I really wouldn’t want to bleach it blonde, but I’ve always wondered how weird I would look if I suddenly went from having dark brown hair to such a light color.

2.) Do you remember when video game consoles used to take years to come out? There was at least 5 or so years in between the Playstation 1 and PS2. The PS3 also took quite a few years, but the fourth one? Less time. Technology is being made so fast, who can afford to really keep up? Everything becomes obsolete so fast it feels, it really does suck. Even my phone, the IPhone 6s, is on it’s way to being obsolete with all the new phones that have come out already.

I guess there’s still about the same amount of years in the gap. It just feels like it used to take so much longer. My thoughts are wrong.

3.) What is actually healthier for you to drink: tea or coffee? I always say tea, but coffee also has it’s health benefits – until you add all the cream and sugar (the stuff that makes it taste good).

4.) If I had kept all of my tip money in my savings this year, I wonder how much money I would have had. Add in my bonuses I’ve gotten from my boss, in all honesty, I probably could’ve bought myself a laptop with the money. I’ve made over $50 in two weeks before just in extra tips from people. I don’t have to be tipped. If only I had the luxury to afford to save majority of my money.

5.) Reflecting on this time last year, it really is amazing how much can change in one year. I don’t talk to all of the same people – hell, half of our original staff at my work is gone. It’s crazy how many people have come and go over the months. It’s crazy how people I wanted to be close with went away.

6.) I wonder what would’ve been my path if I hadn’t of met Ray. Would I have kept fucking around? Would I have found someone new? Or would I have just done more stupid things? Whatever the case is, it makes me happy I met him.

7.) My room is in need of a makeover. I keep wanting to find time to put some things back in boxes and set them aside. Why do I have my CD’s out? They’re really just taking up space because I haven’t listened to them in years – I listen to music on my phone now. I also have books – college books to boot – that need put away. I need to figure out how to sell stuff, it’d be easier if I had a car. I have old games I need to sell, even for a few bucks.

8.) How do you really narrow down your wardrobe to the things you need? I feel like I could get rid of some of my clothes, but then I would regret it later when I went to look for it. I know this, because I’ve already done it. Gotten rid of clothes and then looked for it later and regretted getting rid of them. I haven’t worn my professional clothes in over a year, but there may be a time soon when I have to break them out. Right now, though, they’re just hogging up space in my closet. My mom says I have too much stuff. Coats are also taking up room. I’ve tried to emphasize I don’t need to get rid of it, I just need more storage space. Which I do.

9.) I have a set of fleece sheets I haven’t used in years that I need to get rid of. It makes me wonder how people really sleep in them, even in the cold months. It makes me too hot – plus I like layers. If I’m cold, I’d rather add another blanket to the mix, not sleep under those stuffy sheets. I think I’ll donate them.

10.) I don’t want to go to work. I don’t want to go to work. I don’t want to go to work. Can’t I just have a day to just relax and maybe play some video games and de-stress for a while? The holidays shouldn’t be so overwhelming, we’re not even going anywhere. It’s just going to be the three of us again. So why, why does my mother make it such a big deal? Who are we really trying to impress here?

December Writing Challenge #11

14 thoughts on “10 Random Thoughts”

  1. It does seem like technology is made faster these days. Maybe your thoughts are wrong on the PlayStation consoles but what about iPhones? They def seem to be made faster and faster nowadays.
    If you’re willing to give up your old CDs and video games for a buck or a few cents, the pawn shop will give it to ya!!
    I wouldn’t get rid of the professional clothes if I were you, you’ll def need them someday but it would be nice of you to donate those big blankies if you don’t use them/like them!

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    1. True! Phones are basically every year now versus before. I’d actually have to look it up, but it’s like once we left the flip phone era, everyone just competed with each other over the best technology.
      I probably won’t give up most of my CD’s right now – just for nostalgia purposes, but I thought about trying through those selling apps or maybe even eBay for selling games. And if that fails, then pawn shops would work lol. I just would rather get $5 for something versus like $0.50 for a game that was once worth $40. It just feels like I might as well keep it 😂
      And ohh yeah I wasn’t planning to! Mostly just a chunk of my closet is filled with them and it looks like I have more clothes than I do lol.
      And they’re just sheets for the bed! But I’m definitely going to donate them. I never use them and they’re just taking up space in my room right now.

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    1. Exactly! And it really does. It sucks for us consumers who can’t really afford to upgrade every year. But then they make software updates that make your old phone slower until it really is obsolete. Then again, I know a couple people still using the iPhone 4 and 4S and making that work somehow.

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  2. It’s always a big change isn’t it when people go from dark to light or light to dark. Light to dark would be so much easier without the whole nightmare of bleaching your hair! I’ve heard that with figuring out what to get rid off from your wardrobe, you can place the hangers all one way and then when you wear something you place it back the opposite way. So after a while you can see what you wear and what you don’t really wear 🙂

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    1. It really is! I have dark hair, so to lighten it I’d have to bleach it, and it’s not worth it haha. I guess I could always buy a blonde wig if I’m that curious 😂 and ohh I think I’ve heard of that before! I really should try that actually! Thanks for the advice (:

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      1. Hahah yea bleaching ain’t always the best when your hair starts to snap off. A wig is a good idea to try it out!
        Yea my friend told me about it haha haven’t tried it yet but I feel I’d still struggle getting rid of clothes even then,I can be a bit of a hoarder

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      2. Hahah that very thought terrifies me! I have really thin hair to begin with, I don’t need to damage it with bleach.
        Ohh I feel you 100% haha. I’m a tad bit of a hoarder, too. I don’t like getting rid of things unless I really don’t see a need or a want for it


  3. Yeah, technology’s just so fast now. That’s why I don’t buy the latest gadgets ’cause I know in a few months, another gadget will be released and prices will drop after that. Lol. I’d love to be blonde someday too but like you, I’m scared! From dark brown to blonde, it’s a complete change!

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    1. Exactly! I like to wait for the price to drop lol. Even the Nintendo Switch came out at $500 and now it’s $300. and right? I’d be scared I’d never get my natural hair color back lol


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