Things I Miss About College

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year and a half since I graduated college. High school feels like forever ago, and college is slowly getting to that place. I feel like I missed out on certain college experiences (living in a dorm, on my own), but I definitely learned a lot. While I’m happy to never have another class to attend or test to study for (school wise), I do miss a few things.

Making New Friends / College Friends

I didn’t have a lot of friends in college, but when you see the same people in your classes a lot, you make acquaintances. Some of them turned into friends. Whenever I switched my major out from being a Studio Art major, to one in Communications Media, I found myself connecting with a lot of other Comm Media majors. When I joined one of the TV shows as an outside of class activity, I made even more friends. I miss seeing them, hanging out and bullshitting about the most random things.

I remember having a meeting on Tuesday night where only 3 of us showed up, so we listened to this song about Shia LaBeouf and it became our tradition. They were a weird bunch, but we always had so much fun.

Access To Computers On Campus – Including Photoshop and Adobe Software

I miss having easy access to Photoshop. I could probably still go to the campus library and login as a guest, but I wouldn’t have access to the Adobe Software. Which sucks. I don’t think people took full advantage of it, because I didn’t until senior year.

Photography Studio

What’s better than having access to a photography studio at your fingertips? Granted, we had to sign up for time slots, but it was fun being able to actually go in and do whatever we wanted for a portrait – to an extent. It was okay as long as you cleaned up the room before you left.

Coffee – Coffee Everywhere

We had at least three coffee shops on campus, one of them being Starbucks. Four coffee places if you included McDonald’s, which is right alongside campus. Five if you think Sheetz is within walking distance. There were definitely choices. And I spent so much money on coffee.


If you think there’s nothing to do in college, you surely are missing out. I definitely didn’t take advantage of a lot of opportunities, but the few I did, were so worth it. Joining clubs also helps you to get out there and do things, too. I was in a film club where I got to do an all day film shoot with my club members. We left at 7 AM and didn’t get back until around 10 PM that night. It was a filled day, but a lot of fun. I miss doing things like that.


I miss having projects where I got to work behind a camera and film. I love photography, but I also miss just having a story to capture. Being behind the scenes is my forte – I was never one to be on screen. But I love capturing the moments.

Not Having To Work As Much

There was a time where I went to school full time and worked almost 30 hours a week, but school also gave me a reprieve where I could focus more on it than the job. I don’t have that excuse anymore, which sucks. Then again, I know of people who work 40+ hours a week and attend school full time. I don’t know how people manage their lives like that. I know you need the money, but damn, I’d breakdown.

Meeting My Best Friend

I met my best friend in college, and while her and I still talk quite often, she now lives in Connecticut, and I’m stuck here. I miss being able to see her and hang out. We used to just hang out and watch TV shows or bake cookies. And bullshit about everything – especially how dumb guys are. I miss our nights!

There are a number of things I miss about college. Hell, I even miss certain professors I used to see a lot. Or ones I’d have more than one class with. I miss certain classes – where I got to actually do projects I enjoyed.

If you’re in college now, or thinking about attending – enjoy it. They say high school are the best years of your life, I disagree. College is where it’s at. You have more freedom, and it’s really whatever you make of it. I wish I had been able to take advantage more of the opportunities in front of me, but I didn’t. Instead, I’m still in this town, but haven’t bothered going back there. It’s not the same. I’m happy to be done with college, but there are some fond memories I have of it, for sure.

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14 thoughts on “Things I Miss About College”

  1. College really was the best of times. It’s been 3 years since I graduated and I still miss it all, even the classes I didn’t do so well in! And I’m in the same boat with best friends now living considerably further away from me now. Technology makes staying in touch easier, but just having them right there, next to you, is something I know I took for granted.

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    1. Yes! And same here – I sometimes miss having class versus work. And distance really does suck with friends, things really do change after college. And yes exactly! Technology helps you to keep in touch, but it’s not the same without them there


  2. I totally agree on not having to work so much!! And making new friends and bonding with your classmates was always nice. In some ways college/uni felt like an extension of high school but better and a tad more freedom haha

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