Christmas Wishlist

It’s official – my first Christmas post of the year. Also, WordPress notified me this morning – it’s my 6th year anniversary being a registered user on this site. Granted, I haven’t been on here the full 6 years, but it’s still bizarre to think about.

Anyways, back to Christmas; I debated about what to do for this post. But it is a Wishlist, so here are some things I wish I could get this holiday (but very highly to impossible to happening, it’s going to be a meek and humble holiday and that’s okay).

1.) Apple MacBook Pro 15″
2.9GHzz Processor
512GB Storage

My old MacBook  Pro fried, and I miss it so much. So, since I had the best of the best, it’s only natural this would be at the top of my wishlist (and probably won’t happen for a long, long, long time). However, one can still wish. I’d even be happy with a standard MacBook right now. 

2.) Nikon Lenses
50 mm, Sigma, Wide Angle, Macro, etc.

I’m not picky with this one, mostly because they’re all expensive, and I really just want a couple of new lenses to play around with for different types of photos. The 50 mm is used best for portraits and standard shots. Right now I just have the standard lens. Sigma lenses I’ve heard amazing things about, and I really want to get my hands on one.

3.) Wii U Pro Controllers

My only thing with this, is I prefer the original brand name controllers, off brands are a lot of hit or miss, but they are cheaper. Eventually, I’ll probably buy the latter, but time will tell.

4.) Wii U Traveling Case

Considering I’m always taking it with me to Ray’s, it’d be nice to have it’s own bag to stick in.

5.) Wii U Games

Okay, this is my newest system, and while I’ve managed to get a number of Wii Games on my own, I want more actual Wii U games – they’re just a tad bit more expensive.

6.) Storage Dressers or Organizer

My one issue with my room right now, is I have too much stuff and no where to stick it. I actually need a new bedroom suit, and a new bed, but those aren’t usually Christmas gifts (or are they?). I just need a couple extra places for storage, and it’d help me eliminate some of these kiddy dressers I’m using right now.

7.) New Boots

I have a pair of everyday (warm) boots, and a pair of snow boots. But, I don’t have a variety. And I’ve been really liking wearing boots when it’s cold out – or just to go out. But I have one everyday pair, and I’d like to work on getting more.

8.) New Shoes, in general

I don’t have many shoes in general, I want to get more flats and I need a new pair of tennis shoes. I bought a pair for running, then wore them and ruined them at work. 

9.) Sheets and a Comforter

If I can’t get a new bed, some new sheets and a comforter could really help dress the place up a tad bit.

10.) Planner or Bullet Journal

This is something I’ll actually probably buy myself eventually. I’ve been really wanting to get myself into planning things out, because I’ve been doing it briefly on this blog and it’s actually helped me out. So I think I’d enjoy having something to physically write things down.

I could go on with the list, but I’ve gotten a little more practical as I’ve gotten older. The first two items are too pricey to even be considered as gifts. But I really do need a new computer, regardless if it’s a top end Macbook Pro or not – which it probably won’t be when I do get a new computer.

What are some things that are on your wishlists?

December Writing Challenge #7

11 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist”

  1. MacBook pros are expensive but seem to last a really long time! I have one that is going onto 7 years now! Just heats up a bit if I’m doing a lot of stuff on it. And it would be awesome to do a bullet journal! I love seeing different ones that people do 🙂

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    1. They really are expensive! Mine lasted me about 5 years before it got fried – and it got fried because I’m pretty sure my cord short circuited and it affected the computer (the prongs to plug it in got all rusty – sometimes it would spark). Shame though, it was a great computer lol. And yes! It inspires me ☺️

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      1. The one thing I wish apple would work on is their charger cords! Mine also short circuited this year don’t know why but thankfully hasn’t affected the laptop yet. And the casing near the top always starts to fall apart! Haha

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      2. I agree! It was my only issue. I didn’t learn until later on you could replace the part where the prongs are. By then, it was too late. That’s good it hasn’t! But I would definitely look into getting a new charger or something. That’s what killed mine, I guarantee it lol.

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