My Worst Job Experiences

There are a couple jobs I’m going to mention in this post, because they all happened very close to each other. Not this past summer, but the summer before then, I had just graduated college, and knew my time of working on campus was coming to an end. I did graphic design work for the business college on campus, and while I love doing that sort of work, I was happy to leave because of my boss being so scatterbrained. Great and wonderful person, terrible at organizing and keeping things on track. Which made my job stressful when it didn’t need to be.

With that in mind, I was almost happy to be forced to leave my job. My college login information became expired – since graduation, I had about a month or two use out of it before they just cut it off. So, I couldn’t login to my computer at work anymore, and the only way I could, is if someone else logged in for me. I didn’t like doing that, and I didn’t like someone else sitting in my office with me, because I felt like I was being watched – and who enjoys that? I liked keeping my office door closed, listening to music, and… honestly? Watching YouTube videos more than working. I know, it’s bad. That’s how I viewed that job, though, because the actual work didn’t take me very long to do.

Moving on: I left that job. I had got a job locally, uptown, at this shoe place. It was a small town business, and the guy offered me work to update the website and things like that – so I felt golden. Except, I worked one day for 5 hours, and he called me the next day and told me that the girl I was replacing, she wasn’t actually leaving for the summer anymore, so he didn’t need me. He told me he would pay me, but he never sent me a check in the mail. I should’ve been persistent and asked for my $35 or whatever (it was minimum wage), but I let it go. The worst part about it, though, is he set up another job posting on indeed less than a month later. He never called me to work for him again.

After that job bust, my best friend offered to put me into contact with this lady she used to work for. I heard all the terrible stories from her, but this lady was offering to pick me up and drop me off if I came to work for her, so she passed on the message if I really wanted the job. Let’s call her L. She’s a lady in her 60’s or so, and she has fibromyalgia. So she has trouble doing certain things, and the state pays for her to hire help in her everyday life.

Here’s the kicker, that my best friend told me about – this lady has fibromyalgia, and still went water rafting. The state has her hire people… to clean her house and help her garden and just everyday things. She sleeps until 2, 3 or 4 in the afternoon at times. She told me once that if I got dropped off at her place I would have to bang on her window to wake her up. But she did offer to pick me up, and I wound up working for her for one week. I couldn’t do another one.

To narrow this story down, her mother got really sick, so she was staying over at her mother’s a lot to help her out. So my work that first week was mostly all over there. And I wouldn’t have minded it if it was just cleaning and doing things like that. But… the job turned a lot into me sitting in the background, observing, and talking like I was part of the family. I actually got paid to sit outside and listen to L bitch about her family problems. It was mentally draining.

By the time it would hit 8:00, I’d be ready to eat and fall asleep, and then she would want to actually start doing work. After being there for 5 hours. Actually, less than that. So, she did pick me up for work, but the drawback was the hours varied everyday. When I met her, she told me that she would have me work like 2pm – 10pm (she couldn’t ever wake up early because of her fibromyalgia – and she’d be on the computer all night. She said she had insomnia.). However, we never once got together at 2pm. Because she wouldn’t wake up until 3 or 4pm, so when she would pick me up, it’d be close to 5 or 6 some nights.

It got to the place where I told her no the one night because I had waited 4 hours for her to call me, and she didn’t call me until after 6pm and then asked me if I still wanted to work. Like, no. I’m basically waiting for you to get your shit together, and in the meantime, what am I supposed to do? Eventually, I upset her because she liked me and didn’t want me to stop working for her.

But, she gave me an ultimatum, and I told her that I couldn’t work for her. This lady, she called me crying because she was stressed and I was acting like I didn’t want to work for her because if she didn’t pick me up at 2pm, I didn’t want to go work. Could she blame me? And then she was telling me how she asked her father to come pick me up so I could start having a set schedule – guilting me. And she gave me that ultimatum that I had to decide that night if I was working for her or not. I chose to call her back and tell her no.

It was unnecessary stress. She was nice enough, sure, but very dramatic, and kind of reminded me that I get enough of that from my own mother. The perks to working for her was being paid $10 an hour and since I wasn’t on payroll yet, she was paying me in cash. So it really was nice money wise. But such a waste of time. Half the time was spent just sitting around, and then being expected to work, and I can’t motivate like that. I’m a morning person anyways.

The sad part is, she still asks me every now and then to recommend people to work for her. Even if I knew people outside of work, I wouldn’t recommend them. I posted a meme on my Facebook a few weeks ago about needing a job that paid $3,000 an hour (or something like that). She commented $10 an hour (yeah, we’re friends on Facebook still unfortunately). The meme went over her head, and no, I will not work for her again.

The last shitty job experience I had that summer came right after working for L. I worked at Sears for a month, month and a half. It was my first retail job (since I’d worked mostly in food before), and I was kind of excited about working in the mall. It was minimum wage, but it was also slower paced, and I was okay with that. However, the drawback came when I found out my hours depended on getting people to sign up for store credit cards. They wanted us to ask every single person, and convince them to use their Sears card while making a purchase. You got extra money if they used the rewards cards and their credit cards.

I sucked at pushing people, because, for starters, I wouldn’t want a Sears card. They had two: an in store card, and a Mastercard. The latter wasn’t too bad, you could use it anywhere. But the in store card is only good for Sears, and hardly anyone shops there on a regular. They encouraged us to push people even if they couldn’t get approved – because it still counted as us getting a credit application, which brought the store money, and you got extra for getting it.

My hours varied between 11 and 20 hours a week, and then it dropped to maybe 2 shifts a week once. And then, my last week there, I looked at my schedule to see that they gave me zero hours. ZERO. I wasn’t even on the schedule, but yet, I wasn’t fired? I called bullshit on it, and went uptown to look for another job. Got hired at my current job the same day. Lucked into it really, was the first place I stopped in at and was filling out an application. The owner came over to talk to me and ask me what I was looking for, told me to wait for Alex, he interviewed me, and I got hired. Started that week. Bonus points, too, because I started off with 30 hours a week at $8.00 an hour. I’ve had two raises in the last year alone, plus the occasional tips.

My actual schedule from Sears.

Sears was just a shitty job. They’re actually closing down up here now. Everything in our shitty mall is, actually. But if anything, they pushed me to my current job. And I learned how much retail sucks in that short amount of time. People wanting to use their savings and coupons on everything. And the job just sucked. I hated pushing credit applications.

I may not be super happy with my current job, but at least it’s a lot better than that place ever was. Any of the places I mentioned. Terrible. It took me three months to get on my feet.

What’s your worst job experience?

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10 thoughts on “My Worst Job Experiences”

  1. Wow ,you’ve really had job experiences ,can’t help you here because I’ve not started working yet ,thanks to my over protective parents but I hope to change this next year hopefully ,get some experiences

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  2. I’ve only had two jobs so far and they both have their ups and downs. It’s all corporate, desktop work though so it’s not as stressful as yours. Glad you’re liking your current job better.

    xx, Richel V. |

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    1. I had one office job before (mentioned it briefly at the top) but it definitely wasn’t corporate work lol. I think every job has its ups and downs, but some can be downright awful!
      Thank you for reading and commenting (:


  3. I’m a night person, you know that! I think I personally would enjoy working for L, haha. I’ve also heard horror stories about Sears/working in malls in general. They give such shitty hours.
    That’s awesome how easily you were hired for your current job!

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    1. Ohh I dunno if you’d like working for her. She’s very judgy! And very invested in being your friend. Which is cool, but she doesn’t know when to draw the line. she wants to know all about you lol. It was a tad overbearing. And ohh it’s awful! I’ll never go back lol. It gave me appreciation for those who do work there though! And right? It was meant to be I guess 😂

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      1. Haha I couldn’t handle her, but if you like people being up your ass and wanting you to work on her schedule, plus hear politics everyday – ohh my mom said she’d give her a chance because she was desperate for a job. I told L, but she didn’t get back to me. Instead, she asked my friend what kind of person she was. Haha it was awful for me and nobody stayed working with her because of it 😂 she still owes my friend money but she gave up on it awhile ago. Now, L’s mom is sweet lol

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