Tips For New Bloggers

By writing this post, I want to express that by no means am I a professional at this. I started up blogging again back in August this year, so going on month 5, these are just a few tips I’ve picked up on. Because I never would have guessed that this blog would still be going somewhere, that I would’ve gained so many wonderful followers, that I would still blog daily. I’ve gained so much just by blogging, that even my creativity is starting to come back to me.

In the last few months, I’ve learned enough to have a few tips to offer if you’re just starting out as a new blogger.

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Be Consistent

The more consistent you are with your posts, the more chance you’ll get the views you’re hoping for. If you’re going to be away for a bit, let your readers know so they don’t give up on you!

What You Give, It’s What You Get

If someone leaves a comment on your blog, remember to reply to them – even if it’s just to thank them for stopping by. Connect with your readers. Take a look at their blog, and comment on some of their posts if you can. This helps you gain more of a following, and if someone sees you giving back, it helps them to continue to follow you.

The same can be said if you don’t reply to comments, if you don’t follow other blogs. If you have a large following, it’s hard to keep up with comments at times – it’s understandable. When you’re just starting out, and you still are unable to reply to comments, it leaves people feeling like you don’t care about their comments, and it makes them less likely to keep following you.

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Write About Things You Know – Be Original!

There are some blogs out there that try to be copycats:  they see a blog they really like, so they mimic their style. In the end, they’re not even writing about things they know enough about, and it shows. Or they lack the passion for it.

People want to be able to connect with the things you write about. I write about my life, personal things, and a few random things here or there – but they’re about things I am able to write about, I have passion for, or I make it relatable enough (I hope!). People want to read about you, believe it or not.

Whatever your blog is about, stay true to it. Mix it up and add some variety here and there, but always stay true to the real reason you started the blog.

My personal views. As you can see, Since I started in August, I’ve only gone up. It’s a wonderful feeling, and I never expected to get this many views.
Don’t Write For The Views

This one is important, and also following the above tip. Don’t write something because you think you’ll get the views out of it. Write it because you’re satisfied with what you wrote. Because it means something to you, it’s what you wanted to write.

Gaining views is wonderful! It makes you feel like people enjoy coming to your blog. But, it’s hard to gain them at first, and you shouldn’t feel discouraged by that. The important part is to keep writing, and you will get there. Like I said, being consistent is important.

It’s Not A Race

I started this blog up again at the same time as a few others did. Truth is, they have more followers than I do right now. But does it really matter? No. It’s not a popularity contest, I don’t write for that. As much as I love my followers, and gaining them makes me feel happy, it’s not the reason I started this blog again. I write for me. Always remember what you started out writing for.

Grammar Is Important

It’s a blog, so people understand the common mistakes – you forgot a comma, you spelled a word or two wrong, etc.. But, if you write like you’re in middle school, with run on sentences and text speech (using “lol” and “u” and “r” and other common shortenings), it’s going to affect how people view your blog. Honestly, it makes it hard to read.

Add Some Pictures!

Pictures can really make a post pop! Whether you choose to use your own, or use free stock images (there are sites like Unsplash and Pixabay where you can use copyright free images). I try to use a mix of both these days. Even gifs – they’re common enough I just google them. But they add a bit of color to your posts, and overall it looks nicer.

The opposite can be said, however, if you use too many. Too many photos can make the post harder to load. My app has crashed a couple times opening people’s posts. The other trick to using a lot of photos is to condense the file size (who needs full sized photos on their blog anyways?). It makes the page load faster, and you won’t have that issue.

Setting featured images is also another way to personalize your blog. There are apps and websites out there, from Canva, Spark Post, Pixlr, etc., that can help you do minor to bigger edits on posts to allow you to write and filter an image. Like I said, if you use a copyright free image, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Stay clear from using just any photo off of google unless you are going to give full credit to the actual photographer. Even then, I would avoid it unless you have permission to use that image. The only exception I make to this rule is if I’m talking about a movie or TV series and I use an image related to show what I’m talking about.

Have Fun With Your Blog!

As always, remember to make it fun. Don’t make it a chore, or stress about it. That’s not why you started blogging, right? Blogging should be fun, it should be about getting to connect with people and you get to really personalize how your blog looks. Make it a hobby, a part time project, but don’t make it something that’s going to stress you out!

You can be as anonymous as you want, it’s your blog, there is no pressure. But remember to share at least something about yourself to your readers – they still want to have an idea of what kind of person you are.

And as a last minute tip, double check your posts before you actually post. I switch between the app and the actual site for WordPress, and the app tends to change things and throw things off. And double checking helps you make sure you didn’t forget anything in a post.

There are quite a few tips here, but in the comments, if you’re a blogger, leave some tips that I may have forgotten in this post! What do you recommend to new bloggers?

December Writing Challenge #4

52 thoughts on “Tips For New Bloggers”

  1. So many good tips! I especially agree with commenting back! It’s not so hard to say “thank you for commenting” and it’s kind of rude to just ignore someone. 😛 lol. Oh I gotta work on not saying “lol” so much in my posts!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Exactly (: and if someone is showing support for you, why can’t you at least say that? Haha. And journal entries are the only time I’ve seen you do really use “lol”, which doesn’t bug me as much because it’s a journal Entry. For other posts it does start to take away from it when that happens. I guess it’s my inner writer lol, and grammar Nazi. When I went through this period of writing I learned all these tips about writing proper 😂


      1. Yeah, it makes it seem like they think they’re better than you somehow when they don’t respond.
        Yeah I’ve read a lot of writing rules that I break too often. I need to work on them haha.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Yes! I get that impression, too. Haha I mean ultimately it’s your blog, so you write how you want to – I actually don’t have any issues with yours. But I have come across some that write very horribly and I can’t read it well

        Liked by 1 person

  2. nice tips! I am a new blogger and I feel like I’m too different… I have been and want to continue just writing my random thoughts and rants in sometimes comedic ways. It’s really simple and not really personal or deep like a lot of the other blogs on here… do my posts have a place here?

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I started blogging 10 years ago but just hit restart a month ago and this post was very insightful and timely for me. It’s tempting to want to write for clicks but I think you’re right in only writing what I know and what I’m passionate about. Thanks for this – I’ll be back!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Ive just started blogging barely 2 days ago and this is my first blog ever.
    Im a teenager struggling with my amateur writing skills. I love writing and do it for the sole purpose of easing my thoughts out. But i kinda find it awkward to pour your thoughts out in front of anyone so ive never really shown my writeups to anyone so i just thought of starting a blog to show my work to a world who doesnt know me. But now its like kinda disheartning because i do not know how to go about it. I dont uave many viewers and its making me feel like my poems arent really worth it. Your post really helped me and id follow the tips 4sure. Thankyou:)))Anyways it would mean a lot it you check out my posts and id love to hear any suggestions

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well welcome to the world of blogging! Don’t fret, it took me a few months to start building up the likes and views. It’s hard starting off, but you’ll get there! Blogging definitely is a way to get your work and yourself out there. The views will come with time, nobody starts off with a ton of viewers – it is a bit of a process. But I wish you the best of luck! I’ll try to stop by soon (:

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you – very helpful — now. Can you tell me since. I am very new at this – how do you get your blog out there for people to read? I am stuck on that part – i have social media but that is all i know any advise would be grateful. Gracefully Donna

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never advertised my blog anywhere. For me, just by being active and reading new blogs, commenting on other people’s posts, adding tags to my posts – after a few months my views started going up. That’s how I started with mine and it definitely gets your foot in the door 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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