Daily Black And White (24)

4 thoughts on “Daily Black And White (24)”

  1. So is this the cup we use to mix coffee and tea? 🙂 On a serious note, reading you is very refreshing. You’re open, and you talk about a life that is quite different from mine. Which is why it’s pretty cool. The last time I ever used tinder I could only talk about poetry lol. I don’t use Facebook either. So
    I swiped and somebody pretty responded and I just talked about writing. I just hope I didn’t talk about the technical stuff!

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    1. Haha one of them 🙂 I tend to grab the first mug available! And I’m glad you think so. I used to be so shy and afraid of what people would think, but I realize I really don’t have anything to hide or be ashamed about. So I write about it. And ohh man haha. Poetry is good though! Tinder is really a hit or a miss, it can be hard connecting with people through it. I’ve had a lot of weird conversations off of there, but I also had a few interesting ones. If someone had talked to me about writing, at least we would’ve had something in common!

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      1. The truth is that even though some of my poetry is too real or dark, only some aspects parallel my personal life now. I already have the fanatics to deal with everyday, who think it’s all true. I used to write poetry which completely talked about my experiences when I ran a cool site and had lots of followers. And yes, I was popular and freshly pressed too! I know a lot of the power bloggers here quite well. But I wrote about suicide and really depressing stuff, until one old poet (who is probably dead now) said she couldn’t handle it anymore and stopped following me. But back then there was freedom of speech. Now it’s tough man. If I were to write a poem about a cheating ex-girlfriend and call her something, I’ll find a post countering that in seconds. And regarding tinder I gave up in three days! These days I meet few people and it’s coffee and Marlboro the rest of the time!

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      2. I can understand that. And of course they do, because people believe when they read something, it’s based off your current state or feelings. And honestly, poetry is your form of art, you should write whatever you want to write. It can be dark, morbidly depressing – whatever. But it’s yours. I do want to offer a little light in that matter, but there are people out there who do understand. People are really sensitive these days, and they don’t fully understand expression. But that’s still kind of sad! I get it though, and like I said, tinder is a real hit or miss and it’s more misses than anything. It’s hard to meet people – at least people who understand and be on the same level as you.

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