Hello, December

Guys, we’re in the last month of the year. We made it this far, just one more to go and then we can move past the holidays into the New Year and New Year goals. Where most people spend the first month or two at the gym, then give up and go back to eating how they always do and life gets hectic and we tell ourselves, “let’s try this again next year.” Yeah, let’s hold off on thinking about that for now!

Christmas is rapidly approaching – my mom and I are baking cookies today and decorating our tree. We normally decorate it Thanksgiving night, but we’re a tad behind this year. I managed to buy something for my mom’s boyfriend- a gift basket of Budweiser related items, since the man only seems to live for a 6pack of the stuff. I don’t know what else to get him, and I didn’t want to go out for him anyways. My mom is the complicated one, because I actually have to get her something nice. We split the cost of the baking supplies last night, I don’t think I’m getting much until next paycheck. This girl is trying for her permit next week. Which means I need the $35 in my reserve account right now to pay for that.

Anyways, I started this thing back in October, where I’d make a personal goal list for the month (last month’s: here), on top of my daily writing challenge (current one: here). With the holidays coming up, most of my goals are to be prepared for them, and not spend a whole lot of money – especially on my credit cards that I’m trying not to touch much on. I’ve brought my credit up so much this year by not using them (or only making small purchases on them – $10 here and there is not going to hurt). I’m hoping by next year, I can take out a loan and just get them all paid off. By paying them off, I eliminate all those interests, and can focus on one payment a month instead of three. I can also eliminate one of my cards (probably my Quicksilver, which charges me yearly to use it anyways). I don’t want to be stupid with my cards again, and maybe actually be able to make use of them for Black Friday next year – and be smart about it.

December Personal Goals:
  • Get Christmas gifts for everyone (I bought something for my mom’s boyfriend, and I bought something for Ray already).
  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Ray (I’m pretty sure I can get the day off, and we’re closed New Year’s Day, so right now it’s banking on the weather).
  • Try for my permit (with only my State ID).
  • Remember to update my information for my health care (before I get fined or something).
  • Update my resume
  • Work on a new online portfolio
  • Finish cleaning and putting stuff away in my room (I’ve been working on organizing it and narrowing down on stuff. I realize most of it is simply lack of storage areas).

A decent amount of goals this month, but hopefully not that hard to actually accomplish! I’ve started realizing by setting monthly goals, I give myself a challenge to actually get these things that I need to get done, well, to get done. I’m on a bit of a time limit – I need to get things done as soon as I can.  The sooner I can get some of this done, the sooner I can focus on getting out of my job and out of this town.

No one is going to change your circumstances – the only person who can do that is you. Having goals, it makes you go out there and actually work towards them so you can change things. So you can find your way to make things better. As much as I would love things to happen on their own, it just doesn’t work that way, sadly. You have to make it happen. I keep saying it, but I have high hopes for 2018. It’s a different feeling now than what I had for 2017, I’m actually starting to believe things are going to happen.

I will say, I’m not looking forward to the even colder days – we’ve had it mild so far this year. I’m praying for a mild winter, I don’t want to not be able to plan things with Ray because of the weather. But it makes me worried that we may be in for some bad weather once winter officially hits this month. So, fingers crossed, it stays mild. Some snow is okay, then it can go away. And stay away. Don’t be ruining my plans is all I ask. It’s a lot to ask of nature, impossible, but, I try, right?

December Writing Challenge #1

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