Goals For December

Once again, we are nearing the end of the month. I say this every month, but man, time sure is flying! It’s been weird for November, we’ve started to get cold weather, but it’s been mild so far. Makes me worried what the weather is going to be like in December, and January is always one of the worst months. I’m hoping it’s not as bad as they are predicting. Time will tell.

I made a few posts, as always, for my goals for November (here and here). I’ll get more into detail later, but I think I managed to keep up with these goals a little more than what I did for October. However, once again, I failed at my own personal photography challenge. I think I made up for it when I started the Daily Black and White Photos, though, and I do still plan to keep up with those for now.

Compared to the last couple months, November was a better month for creative writing. I started some random scrawls, an attempt at a poetic sort of writing. And I also plan on keeping up with this style, to define it a bit more. I’m trying to throw more of myself into these posts I write, while keeping them fresh. I’m sure I’ll find my right tune eventually, but for now, I’m kind of having fun trying different styles.

For the month of December, I’ve given myself yet another writing challenge. If there’s one thing that keeps me consistent with posting daily, it’s these challenges. I love having a different topic everyday to approach, and for this next month, I’m giving myself more of an opportunity to unload on my daily life by doubling my journal entries weekly. And of course, since it’s December, I’m making quite a few Christmas related posts, and New Year’s related posts.

Edit* just noticed I wrote 2016 like a dummy lol. I meant “best moments of 2017”

I’m excited to have some new topics for you guys. Most are more personal related, but those are the best topics for me to write a bout, too. It’s hard to believe I’m going on month 4 of daily blogging – I haven’t missed a day!

December may have a few surprises in store, I really can’t say for sure yet. As of this moment, I don’t even know how the holidays are looking yet. I hope to spend New Year’s with Ray this year, but again, time will tell. I still have to get all of my Christmas shopping done yet. The holidays always approach too fast!

November Writing Challenge #29

13 thoughts on “Goals For December”

    1. Thank you haha. Itโ€™s a personal goal of mine. I feel if I break up the days right now, Iโ€™d abuse it too much. So daily blogging keeps me grounded ๐Ÿ™‚ even if I write the posts ahead, I always have something

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      1. Ah, I’ll post my schedule for December on the first…which is sneaking up on us so fast, isn’t it?!

        Thanks for sticking by me, too. <3!! 5 month monthiversary for us! LOL. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Goodluck in this ,daily blogging for me would literally mean the world to me if life stopped interfering that is …I can’t wait to read your December posts๐Ÿ˜„

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