What I Live For

Everyone lives for something. Whether it’s to reach a goal, or just to find a meaning to be alive – period. There could be more than one reason, just a multitude of them all joining together.

I live for the small moments in life,
Uncontrollable fits of laughter,
Smiling from ear to ear,
Those inside jokes no one else gets,
Feeling apart of something special.

I live for the sound of music,
Escaping reality,
Focusing on the power of words,

I live for those messages that make my heart beat faster,
Warming my heart,
Reminding me that I’m not alone,
Someone cares.

I live for the adventure,
To be somewhere new and different,
Learning about things I never dreamt,
Getting lost in reality.

I live for physical contact with someone special,
Holding hands,
Warm caresses,
Soft kisses,
Gentle touches,
Feeling alive with someone else.

I live for the dream,
That someday I’ll be where I want to be in life.
Job searching will lead me in the right direction,
I’ll find a passion in life.

I live to capture the moment,
Mentally pressing it to my memory,
Forever embedded,
Faded with time,
But the most important and worthwhile times,
They stick with you forever.

There is so much in life to live for,
What do you live for?

November Writing Challenge #28

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