Thoughts On: Body Image

Everyone is born and formed into their own shapes and sizes. The media likes to focus on one set image – an impossible one to achieve. Especially since in reality, most of the models in these magazines don’t even look like that. Airbrush in Photoshop really is a neat tool, but when it’s abused to do something like that – to manipulate how a person looks and to sell it as a real image – it’s wrong.

In no way do I wear a size 0. I used to wear a size 5, and then my hips got wider as I got older, so now I wear a size 7 to a size 9. It doesn’t mean I’m fat, although some days, it sure feels that way. There are a lot of times I wish I was just a little skinnier, and I feel that’s more on me for my terrible eating habits more than it is on my body. I actually have friends who tell me I look a lot healthier than I did in high school. Actually, in high school, I weighed between 100 and 110 lbs, and now I fluctuate around 120 lbs. There was a period early last year where I was close to 140 lbs. I think I walked most of it off at my current job, being on my feet all the time, cutting back on specialty coffees, and barely eating – the last one being the worst habit. I don’t eat as well as I should, or as often as I should. I tried to get myself eating breakfast, but I ran out of yogurt and haven’t had time to go to the store. Oh well.

My thoughts on body image are as is: Everyone really is beautiful in their own way. The older I get, the less it seems to matter as much. You do you, it’s your body. There is that fine line, though, when it starts to affect your health, and if that is the case, then it’s still your choice on how you live your life. I don’t judge a person based on their weight, I judge someone based on how they treat me.

When it comes to your body, especially us women – we have different shapes. Some of us are a little more curvy, which means there are parts of us that would really not fit well in certain outfits. Others, well they’re taller, skinnier, leaner. There are many forms, and I wish society would focus more on showing real people. With growing platforms like Facebook, where people show the latest viral videos, I am seeing more people publicly talking about this topic. So maybe it’s only a matter of time before those expectations aren’t so high.

This also isn’t to say that men are excluded – they definitely have expectations as well. Men are expected to be, well, manly. Burly, bigger. There is a fine line (at least to me) when you see so many of these guys go overboard with working out. I actually have a good friend of mine who decided to build his body up – he was this really skinny guy. In the last 8 months, he’s doubled his size. How crazy is that? He wants to keep going with it, too, but it really is his body to do with what he wants. I guess when you’ve been that puny guy forever, you want to come back and show people you’re anything but.

Be proud of your image – especially if you worked for where you are right now. If you want to work out, lose weight, whatever you want to do – do it for you. Not for anyone other than that.

November Writing Challenge #27

19 thoughts on “Thoughts On: Body Image”

  1. Loved this post! ❤ I don’t even understand why different body types are criticized so much-they’re just part of what makes each one of us uniquely us. I have a wide hip area compared to the rest of my pretty petite figure, which i disliked because I believed it stood out too much. But as I got older, it bothered me less and less like you mentioned body image issues became less of an issue as you got older. xxx

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    1. I don’t understand it either! It’s also kind of funny, because different cultures value certain physical attributes differently as well. So really, when it’s all said in done, we’re still all beautiful in our own way. And I feel you on that! I used to be really self conscious about certain things with my body – and in a sense, I still am – I’m not comfortable with crop tops and showing my belly fat lol. But it really is less of an issue in caring about that sort of thing as I’m older.

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  2. I totally agree with you love.
    We all are beautiful the way we are. All of us are.
    Loved this post. I was always on a little heavier size,Though I am trying to loose weight but because I had started some health issues, otherwise I loved and still love the way I look.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading 💜 and I agree! When it starts to become an issue, that’s the main reason to do it. Lose weight for your health, and because it’s something you want to do. Otherwise the fact that you love the way you look is a great thing 🙂 it’s sad that so many of us focus on our flaws versus the wonderful features we have. We’re all unique in our own way

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