Daily Black and White (17)

Daily Black and White Photo #17

14 thoughts on “Daily Black and White (17)”

      1. Haha I’ve discovered so many types of beer since I started working at my job. Never tried a chocolate milk stout before this one, it is interesting. Since you’re not a beer drinker you probably wouldn’t like it much because it’s on the stronger side

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      2. Hahah I dunno about tasting like juice, but you should try to look into shandy’s. They’re not really a beer, but they do have juice in them. Leinenkugel’s and Traveler’s are two favorite brewery’s that make them haha.

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      3. Ohh no! Haha. The harvest patch shandy tastes just like pumpkin spice. I recommend travelers, still – but again, you may not even like that 😂 maybe wine coolers are the better option. Like Smirnoff and Twisted Tea. And Mike’s – which you said you liked haha

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      4. I learned that I’m not that big of a fan of Pumpkin flavor! I will still try Traveler’s if ever I see it…just to try it and tell you lol. I like Wine Coolers and all the other ones you listed lol but they aren’t beers! 😛

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