Bucket List

I’ve never officially wrote out a bucket list before. So this list, is actually me writing everything out right now. Certain things, like going to college, graduating – I’ve already done and am going to leave it off the list. The rest, I may eventually wind up adding to. But for now, here are some things I for sure want to do before I die:

1.) Get married (preferably before I’m 30).

2.) Have kids (also, preferably, before I’m 30). I want at least one or two kids. Anything more than three is too much.

3.) Attend a big time concert.

4.) See the ocean.

5.) Go on vacation. As in more than a few days. A week or two. Somewhere I can just get away for a little while.

6.) Land a job I love and enjoy. Even if it takes me a bit to get there, get myself on  track.

7.) Write a novel. I figure, if I make this a lifetime goal, I may find some time over the next thirty years to sit down and actually write the book I’ve been lacking time for now.

8.) Visit all 50 States.

9.) Travel to at least one other country.

10.) Do something crazy outside my comfort zone. Something like sky diving – where my fear of heights says that may give me a heart failure, but it may actually be the best thing I ever do.

11.) Get a tattoo. Something I like, whether it has meaning or not. As long as it suits me.

12.) Get my ears pierced again – maybe with a few other piercings.

13.) Climb a mountain.

14.) Be in two places at once.

15.) Learn to play guitar. Or piano.

16.) Learn a foreign language as a whole – not just bits and pieces.

17.) Swim under a waterfall.

18.) Go in a hot air balloon.

19.) Dye my hair a crazy color – at least once in my life.

20.) Meet someone famous.

21.) Go to Disney World.

22.) And Universal Studios.

23.) Visit an abandoned place. Document it.

24.) Purchase and own my own house.

25.) Be an extra in a movie.

26.) Get out of debt.

27.) Learn to dance.

28.) Purchase and own my own car.

29.) Ride a horse.

30.) Sell something I’ve created.

There are so many more things I could and probably will wind up eventually adding to this list. I did a google search to get some ideas of what to add, and I saw a lot of “Summer bucket lists,” or “Winter bucket lists,” and it gave me the idea that maybe next year I should try that out. At least, after I get my own vehicle and can start making my own decisions on where I can and will go.

It really is crazy, thinking of all the possibilities there are in the world. It makes what’s going on in your life right now seem so minuscule and tiny. The world is huge – and so are the opportunities. I’m really trying to be more positive these days. With winter rapidly approaching, I know my seasonal depression is right around the corner. So for me, this is really important to remember. It’s only temporary, life is going to get better.

Seriously, look back at your life in just the last few years. Are you the same? Has a lot changed, even if it’s underneath the surface? For me, it has. I’m nowhere near the same person, my circumstances have changed so much in the last 5 – 10 years, and it’s just a reminder that change is going to keep coming. I just have to keep moving forward and focus on motivating myself to make my life better.

I really like this bucket list idea, it makes yourself set goals for the future. To try something new, to do something you’ve never done before. I think I want to try making a yearly bucket list, or a seasonal one – I’m not sure yet! 2018 is going to be filled with possibilities, I’m going to make something happen.

I know we still have a month of 2017, but let’s face it, not much is going to happen in the next month, at least not in my case. 2018 is going to be the start of a fresh new year, and fresh new possibilities. I’m growing more excited about it.

November Writing Challenge #26

30 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. All of the things on your list sound achievable, I know you’ll find a way to get them all checked off. Except for maybe be in two places at once? I heard about that border where you can be in two states at once but is that enough to check it off your list?? Or do you mean like the time turner in HP? Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope so! Haha. I just need to get some money rolling and maybe it’ll seem a little more likely 😂 and ohh yeah I meant the standing in like two states/borders at once kind of thing lol. If I could find a time turner like in HP that would be dope though 😂


      1. Haha aww thanks! 💜 and ohh yeah I think I’d be afraid to use it to a degree – definitely not all the time haha. Although, it would be cool to have myself at work and then use the time turner to actually enjoy the day somewhere else 🤔


  2. Can highly recommend sky-diving (one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, but what a buzz!) I’ve also swam under a waterfall, but it was in Scotland, so very cold – even in summer! I helped people experience the extreme activities on their bucket list for 12 years. Good luck with your quest.

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    1. Thank you ☺️ and honestly, that’s what I’ve heard about it! The idea of skydiving downright terrifies me, but they say it’s really worth it. And ohh my, that’s still cool though (: and that’s really cool you help people achieve those goals!


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