Childhood Obsessions

Are you ready for this nostalgia road I’m about to go on? I figured for this post, I’d pick a few things, because otherwise, we could have a long list on our hands. I was born in ’93, so I grew up in the late 90’s, but mostly the early 2000’s. However, I love most things 90’s, so I consider myself to be a 90’s girl. Anyways, I had a number of obsessions growing up – most kids do. Here are a few of the things I remember obsessing over:

Music: Boy bands, Punk rock, and a dash of hip hop

I can’t be the only one who still thinks the late 90’s and early 2000’s had some of the best music, right? Say what you want, but even today, listening to it makes me happy. Now, there are quite a number of cheesy songs, but there’s something about music you grew up listening to that just sticks with you for awhile.

I grew up in that era where Britney Spears came out and took over the pop world, followed by Christina Aguilera. And of course, who can forget boy bands? I have had people tell me that you either liked The Backstreet Boys, or *Nsync, not both. But… I loved both. Still do. And 98 Degrees and Savage Garden. They don’t make boy bands like they did in the 90’s, that much is for sure! 

And…. I was a huge Avril Lavigne fan. Like, I remember her first album coming out sometime around 2000, I was 7ish, and my mom had bought her CD. The number of times I took that CD and listened to it on repeat, I don’t even have a count. I just loved her first album. Whether you liked her or not, she was still iconic in the early 2000’s. And then she sort of went crazy and changed to pop versus her punk roots, and she made that Hello Kitty video and I don’t think I’ve seen anything about her since then.

Gameboys, Playstation, Nintendo

I never had the original Gameboy or Gameboy Color, but I remember one of my step brother’s did. It’s how I discovered the incredible world of Pokemon (you know, when it was new and all the rave for kids). Eventually, my mom bought me a Gameboy Advance (down the road, a Gameboy Advance SP – I still own both). So many hours were spent – mainly playing Pokemon – and I’m sad to say that since the Gold, Silver, and Crystal games all have an internal battery, the battery died, and I found out recently all of my files were corrupted. I had well over 100 or 200 hours invested in the one game. We used it as a trade all, I never started a new file on it because we had used it as storage to trade in between games. Oh, the good old days, and now I can’t reminisce because my files all got corrupted. I need to see about fixing my games.

My step brothers were the ones who had the original Playstation 1, and I remember playing it a few times, but not nearly as much as the Playstation 2 (which I still have). There’s a few games I remember being obsessed with (PS1), one of them I swear was Dino Crisis. The other was Parasite Eve. The latter I still own, and to this day, I have never beat it. I got so close thought! I have a file where I’m at the very end, but I can’t beat the mega boss because I didn’t customize my weapons right. Makes me so sad. The story to the game is actually really interesting, it’s what drew me into it. Japan always has these weird but really cool horror ideas. If there’s one game I would like to see get recreated (the original, not the dumb remakes), it’d be Parasite Eve. But they’d have to include the soundtrack to the original, gives me goosebumps every time!

“The Worst Foe Lies Within The Self…”
You have to admit, the graphics were really good for a game that came out in the mid-nineties.

Playstation 2 games were so many! But the big names were Grand Theft Auto.  From GTA 3, to Vice City, to San Andreas. The last two were ground breaking. The graphics and the interactive-ness (is that a word?) in the games were something that weren’t really done before. Granted, as a 12 year old playing these games, it wasn’t ideal (hookers, drugs and killing people – every kid needs to play a game like that, right?), but it really was a lot of fun, and it was challenging. I do miss playing the older games some times.

Nintendo was the big part of my childhood! From the Super NES we had (still have, it’s in a box in my room and works great for something close to being 30 years old), to the Nintendo 64. Mario games made up so much of my time as a kid. And Donkey Kong Country – especially the second one! Oh, I’m getting the urge to break out the SNES again just to play it. They really don’t make games like that anymore. I bought a newer Donkey Kong Country for my Wii when I got my Wii U, and it’s fun, but nowhere close to being the same. Mario Party was also a huge part of my childhood – and to this day, I still say the first three games are the best. 4, 5, 6 and 7 aren’t too bad, but it’s not the same. I bought 8 for my Wii U, and I was disappointed, it’s just so different from the original intent of the game. I won’t buy the newer games, I’d rather just break out the N64 for some good old fashioned proper Mario Partying.

And Star Fox! How could one forget that game? The hardest part was not having a save option, so you would have to sit and finish the game from beginning to end. Granted, it’s not super long so it’s definitely achievable, but it’s not something you can start and pick up later. So many quotes, still to this day, just from that game. Gex was another fun one to play, as well as the Bond games, like Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough. And let’s not forget Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64. So many good games on a great system!

Computer Games

So, I’ll admit – I’m a nerd. Haven’t figured that out by now? I grew up in a family that was huge on gaming. I remember we got our first real computer sometime in 2000 or 2001. Early 2000’s for sure. And between playing online games on sites like Pogo, we also had quite a few other games we would play on the computer. Including, Age of Empires, Pharaoh/Cleopatra, and Zeus. All of these games were kind of building games, with strategy. You would go to war, or have to protect your people. Build enough resources, etc. Very time consuming, but actually pretty fun. I miss playing them. There was a cheat for Age of Empires where you could have your town center build cars that were killer in battle. Best part of the game.The big game, though, was Diablo. Especially the second one. I remember playing the original one, but briefly. It was limited, not as well developed. The second one, however, was addictive and actually we all played it for well over a decade. It was just crazy involving. Once we started playing online, it was even better. It’s sad to me that since D3 came out, it’s practically dead and nonexistent. Because this game was probably groundbreaking in so many RPG games. And the story? Very well done, I still think it’s better than D3. The music, too. I loved when they added the original city of Tristram in D2, which threw it back to the very first game. 

I really miss that part of my childhood. We all sort of played together, and it was a family sort of thing. Not a family game at all, but it was made into one. Or we’d watch each other play. So many characters, so many ways to customize your character the way you want it. The most depressing part is they’ve upgraded computers to a way now that you have to download certain things back onto your computer just to play old games. My current computer won’t download the game (even though it was once on here before).


If I haven’t mentioned it officially on my blog yet, I found my true passion for reading by discovering Harry Potter back in the 5th grade. I remember the trailers for the first movie had come out, and it looked so good, I had to check out the books. I read the first four all within a week (that’s all that was out at the time). And then every year after when the next book would come out, I’d read them from beginning to end again. I loved them so much – to the point the movies eventually disappointed me by excluding a few of my favorite scenes in the books. 

I went through so many books in Elementary School, I couldn’t even begin to tell you everything. I remember reading Ella Enchanted multiple times (I own it now), the movie did it no justice. And I remember this series called The Divide that I became obsessed with. I really loved fantasy books as a kid – I’ve actually been wanting to read a good fantasy novel lately, I just have had no time to really sit down and read. Eventually I became obsessed with the Eragon books, I’m still disappointed it was never properly finished – it was so good! And the movie was such a joke. 

I’m going to leave this list here, as I said, it’s already getting pretty long. This is just a handful of things that I was obsessed with as a kid growing up. There are a lot of things I miss about being a kid, and mostly it was the era. I miss when it took years for a new system to come out, not every year or every other year. It gave you time to actually enjoy the system, and not feel rushed to buy something new all the time. I think that’s why I still don’t have a brand new system. And why I’m not as in tune with the world of gaming – I just can’t keep up with it anymore.

I didn’t even get into my favorite childhood shows and movies, either. Maybe a future post? We’ll see!

What’re some of your childhood obsessions that you’ve had?

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31 thoughts on “Childhood Obsessions”

    1. Really? Most people don’t seem to know of the game and it makes me sad! It really was creepy to play back in the day though, the music and just the entire story to the game. Still a favorite, even with its outdated gameplay now


      1. Hahah I did that sometimes if I was low level – I’d be a leech and suck up the exp 😂 but if I was higher level I was all in. Until they would try to kill the cow king and ruin the entire experience of making the level 🙊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. True :/ that’s the drawback. But could always play solo mode just for nostalgia purposes haha. It was definitely more fun online. I wish they would bring it back. D3 kind of ruined it


  1. I loved both Backstreet Boys and Nsync too and one time I went to see Avril Lavigne at the Mall of America, I LOVED her lol. I never saw that “Hello Kitty” video though hahaha…

    I remember the original Gameboy! I was so jealous that my cousin’s had one and I didn’t. 😦 I loved all the Pokemon games, GTA, Donkey Kong, and Mario games but all of the other ones you mentioned–I’ve actually never heard of!

    We already has a conversation about HP so I won’t say anything this time, lol.

    I was planning to write a post about my favorite childhood shows too!! ❤ 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh gosh I’m jealous you got to see her back in the day 😂 I was such a fan! And yeahhh I think I remember seeing it on Facebook or something and was just kind of like.. “wow Avril.”

      That’s how I was until I got the game boy advance! I used to play that thing for hours haha.

      And you should! We may have similar shows we watched! 💜☺️


  2. I LOVE Avril Lavigne. I’ve grown up my whole life with her music (I was born in 2002…) as well as the likes of Busted, McFly, and more ‘poppy’ artists such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, and people like that. I have 90’s nostalgia as well – a wistful feeling for a time I didn’t even live in! I just love the culture and easy going times as a teen in the 90’s when (I’m assuming) your life didn’t revolve around the internet (which is ironic considering I run a blog), honestly, I would’ve loved and been honored to have grown up in the 90’s, but I’m also glad I grew up in the early 2000’s.:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad that you at least know about the 90’s for being someone who was born in 2002 (: I wish I would’ve been a teen versus being a kid in the 90’s lol, it would’ve been a great time. The early 2000’s were still a good time though (: it’s just everything moved so fast after cell phones became big – technology just keeps advancing so fast every year.
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂


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