Someone I Care Deeply About

By now, you should all know that I care deeply for Ray. He really makes my days better, even with the distance. However, I write about him a lot, so I’m going to save this post for someone else I care a lot for: my best friend Day. 

I’ve mentioned her a few times throughout this blog. We met in college and somehow started hanging out everyday. And then suddenly, we were best friends. It’s been over three years since we became friends, we both graduated, and she’s off living in another state while I’m stuck in the same sucky town. But, despite having all these miles between us, we keep close in touch. I haven’t seen her since she moved out of her apartment here, and that was sometime around May or June in 2016. It’s been well over a year, but we’re still as tight as ever. 

Actually, it’s funny, we went through this period where we were barely talking, but she either had a lot going on, or I did. The last few months, we’ve been calling each other at least once every week or two, and we’ve been more up to date on each other’s lives. It really is hard with distance.

We just talked on the phone two nights ago, and she was telling me how much she missed our nights just hanging out and baking and doing nothing at all – just ripping on dumb boys and being there for each other. I miss it, too. That’s our friendship – we didn’t really go out and party, we just hung out at her place and ate food and she would bake some nights – she loves baking – and just watch TV shows.

We went through quite a few shows, I remember when we started hanging out we watched House together. And then somewhere down the line, we’d watch Dance Moms, and at one point we were watching Ghost Adventures. We’d actually just make fun of the latter one, especially since one episode we watched the guy actually went, “If we seem confused, that’s because we are.” It was the greatest thing ever. We went through a few other shows, including Undercover Boss. It was just a lot of fun watching these random shows and we’d always have something to talk about. And we talked about boys a lot, because we both had nothing but shitty luck with them. 

I have a lot of appreciation for her as a friend, because she’s practically like a sister to me. If I’m having a shitty day, I text her. If she’s having guy problems, she comes to me. And vice versa. We might have busier lives, but we’re still there for each other in whatever way we can. I wish we had been able to live together – she wanted me to move in with her back in college, and my mom was completely against it. Made me so mad. Especially because I felt stuck. I still do. But we would’ve been great roommates!

All I can say is, it’s rare to find a really good friend. I’ve had so many people come and go in my life, I stop holding onto this expectation that they’ll stick around. So it always makes me happy when they do stick around. People change, situations change, but if you’re a true friend, you’re there for each other through the thick and thin. And maybe, someday, her and I can actually be closer to one another and have that friendship back that we used to have. It’s just amazing to me that we can still have that through the distance.

November Writing Challenge #21

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