Why Are The Weekends Always So Short?

Well, I’m back again. My weekends with Ray’s are always so short lived, they’re over so fast. Makes me sad honestly. But, this comes with long distance. It was still a mostly good weekend, and I’m trying to remember that. I always enjoy my time with him, there’s just never enough time, I swear! Not sure when I’m going to get to see him next, either, and that’s kind of a bummer. I hope it’s sooner rather than later, I’m hoping I can spend New Year’s with him, too. I guess we’ll see!

Anyways, I kind of wanted to make this post an update post on what happened this weekend. So here’s sort of an overview!


I woke up around 7:30 am to use the bathroom, and I couldn’t fall back asleep. Which sucked. Because I wound up getting out of bed around 9 am, and then proceeded to not really accomplish much that morning. I was hoping to get to see Ray earlier than the last time, but he didn’t leave to pick me up until around 3:30 pm, so by the time he arrived, it was almost 6:00 pm. Friday traffic is bad.

When he picked me up, I put my things in his car, and gave him his  beer that I bought for him. Then he got out of the car and kissed me, it was awkward at first, mostly on my end because I didn’t expect it. He put the bottles in the trunk and gave me a better kiss, and that was better. The next hour or so we were in the car back to the city. I have mentioned that this guy actually drives for 2 hours to come see me, then he drives all the way back, right? Because to me it’s crazy but it also makes me realize this guy must really like me, because why else would someone do that? It makes me feel fuzzy.

The night overall wasn’t anything super exciting. We got to his place sometime between 7 and 8 pm. I wound up eating food before I left (wasn’t intentional, but my mom’s boyfriend was making them eggs and bacon for dinner, and then they argued over something stupid, and he went to bed. He also had 4 beers, so there’s the issue. Anyways, point is, I wound up eating his breakfast/dinner). But Ray hadn’t ate, so he ordered some food, and while we were waiting for his food to be delivered, he started kissing me. And that’s all we did, we just laid and kissed and it was so sweet. 

Eventually, his phone started to go off letting him know his delivery driver was on his way, and we went downstairs and watched his roommate play The Last of Us on his PS4. My newest system (aside from the Wii U), is the Xbox 360, so when I compare those graphics to these newer consoles, I’m always amazed. The Last of Us has amazing graphics. Isn’t it funny how far we’ve progressed in gaming in the last 10 years? Not to mention if you compare PS1 graphics to PS4, there’s just no comparison at all. 

So he ate, and then we went back upstairs and I broke out my Wii U that I brought with me. We played some Super Smash Bros (Brawl) and then through some Netflix on. He picked out an episode of Documentary Now (which I discovered, is a parody show), and it’s one of those shows that just has you laughing and saying “is this for real?” and you know it’s not. I’ve somehow never watched it before. But that’s really the most that we did that night. Eventually, we just spent the night together in bed, and called it a night.


I’m not sure what time for sure we really woke up at, but we laid in bed together for awhile, and officially didn’t motivate until after 11 am. Which seems to be the usual for us. We decided to get motivated to go get breakfast food, so I  grabbed a shower and got ready. Which I feel a little guiltier about doing now, because it takes me like an hour if you count in blow drying my hair and getting dressed and all that. But I hate leaving without getting a shower, my hair just looks so greasy. I tried dry shampoo but it doesn’t seem to really work that well for me. 

Anyways, while I was getting ready, he was playing Mario Odyssey on the Switch. So when I came down, he told me I could play it if I wanted to while he went to get ready. Naturally, it took him 5 minutes to get ready (which is the only  reason I feel guilty for it taking me forever). But I never played Mario Odyssey before. It’s actually a lot of fun, so interactive. 

We shut that down, and left the house. We decided on Eat N’ Park, because they had coffee and breakfast food (and it was already lunch time). It actually turned out to be a good choice, everything was really good. Ray went to leave a $5 tip and I swapped out his $5 for my own. He paid for the meal, but mentioned getting a pie before we left, the pumpkin pie was on sale for $8. So I bought that for us, too. And because we bought that, we realized we needed whipped cream. Luckily, there was a Giant Eagle on the same street we were at, so we just went in and bought the off brand ready-whip. If you’re eating pie, you might as well go all out. It’s already fattening, make it worth it.

Once we got back, we just hung out downstairs and I threw on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, because Ray mentioned he should get his shower since he had his formal later (unfortunately). So we watched a few episodes of that. And at some point we threw on Unsolved Murders, and watched an episode of that. We also had some pie – which was good! The whipped cream made it so much better though. 

I was going to use this for the black and white challenge, lol. Decided to use something else. Also, I still love the fact he has the Halloween decorations we made up. Well, the bats he made.

Around 6:30, Ray had gotten himself all dressed for his formal, and he looked so guilty for leaving me all alone. I didn’t want him to leave, even jokingly told him he wasn’t allowed. But he had already told me about this, and I was prepared for it. It just sucked, I really think we would’ve had a fun night if I could’ve gone. But I shrugged it off, and he left. I wound up watching a movie downstairs (I threw on Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the one that came out in the 70’s), and his roommates started coming home. Granted, they were hanging out upstairs in their rooms, but I didn’t want to keep occupying the living room. So I went up to Ray’s room and played some Mario Kart by myself. Once it started nearing 10 pm, I was hoping he’d come home soon. He didn’t actually get back until around 11:30ish. So he was gone for about 5 hours.

Mario Kart was starting to piss me off, so I quit playing that and threw a movie on. Some random movie called Bedeviled, about this app that basically kills you. It wasn’t impressive, and Ray came back somewhere towards the end of it. And… he was drunk. Sober me was already a little upset because I felt ditched and I didn’t want to let him know it bothered me that much. Like, it’s stupid, I’m not going to start anything over it. I knew it was going to happen. I just hate how I get worked up over silly things like that. I just wanted to be able to spend the night with him, and when he came back, I could tell he felt really bad about leaving me like that. 

We had full intentions to go out still, and we were going to meet his friends up at this bar. Now, funny part, it was raining all day Saturday. When we officially left together after 11:30 pm, it wasn’t too bad. A little drizzle. About 5-10 minutes down the road, it starts to pick up and get worse, making me realize we forgot an umbrella. And then, it just full on turned into a storm and the rain was coming down really hard and we wound up turning around and heading back. And then the wind picked up and the rain was blowing everywhere, and I wound up just saying we might as well run at this point. So we half ran back to the house. We were both completely soaked. Walking in the door, his roommate looked at us and started laughing and asked us how far we made it before turning around. 

Ray mentioned about possibly getting an uber, but we wound up staying in. I mentioned about us getting food because we didn’t eat much since our breakfast “lunch.” And we were just going to get a pepperoni pizza, but then he asked his roommate if he wanted this taco pizza, so he ordered that. Which I got slightly annoyed with, again, because he knows I’m not a fan of vegetables and that’s mostly what was on the pizza. Again, stupid thing, because I really need to learn how to eat things. But I was already feeling down and then he goes and orders something without asking me if that’s what I would like. And I shouldn’t let stuff like that bug me, because I told him before this weekend was all about what he would like to do. 

It wasn’t until the pizza arrived and he saw me picking half the stuff off of it that he was like, “I’m sorry, I didn’t even think about that.” And I just shrugged and ate like 3/4 of a slice. So, I mean, I did try. To a degree. I just wasn’t feeling it. Too overwhelming. Again, I dunno why I’m so weird with trying new food, it’s like I have food anxiety. Is that a thing? Because it wasn’t even that it was bad, I just get weird with it. The texture, the crunch. I just wanted a pepperoni pizza. 

So, basically, the night turned into a bit of a bust. And sometime after everyone ate, Ray and I went upstairs to go to bed. And I kind of was off with him because I was just, annoyed a bit with how the night went, I was a little upset and I didn’t want to take it out on him, you know? It’s stupid. I just wanted to go to bed and call it a night. Thankfully, we did.


Sunday, bloody Sunday. Always a reminder that the end is near. After the Saturday debacle, Sunday woke up to be a great morning. I was over my stupid feelings, and just let myself enjoy what time I had left with him. We wound up laying in bed for awhile, and then motivated to go get food. I skipped the shower (despite wishing later I had because my bangs just looked awful). But I didn’t want to lose that hour, so I tried to get ready to go out faster. It’s funny, I’ll say I look like a mess and he tells me I look fine. And I don’t know if he’s just saying that or not, but if he doesn’t see it as a big deal, then maybe it really isn’t. 

We got ready to leave, and were trying to figure out where to go. Steak and Shake seemed like the place we were going to go to, burgers and shakes seemed to be a good idea. But while we were getting close to there, we passed by a Red Robin, and Ray mentioned he hadn’t been to one in a long  time, and I had never been, so we decided to go there instead. We got a booth in the bar area, and we got an alcoholic milkshake, I think it was called like an Irish Shake or something like that. It had Guinness and Bailey’s in it. Almost like a car bomb I think. But in shake form. It was actually really good. I got a raspberry creme soda, and we ordered burgers. 

They had these little tablets on the tables, and it teases you because you can play games on it. However, in order to play the games, you have to pay $1.99 to unlock them all. So it’s a ripoff, and disappointing. But a cool idea. You actually pay for your order off of the screen as well. 

The burgers were good, and all in all, a really filling lunch! We decided to stay out a bit since we were out, but it was cold so we stayed local. We actually wound up going to Target. There isn’t actually any Targets in my home area, which sucks, because I love walking around places like Target. I just never have money for the things I want. It’s a dilemma. I actually didn’t buy anything, but Ray did grab a few things.

Actually, side mention. Ray noticed after we left Red Robin that I had these red marks next to my eye. They’re sort of itchy, almost look like a bite mark, but I think it could be from something I’ve used on my face recently, like maybe I’m allergic to something. They’re still there, so I’m hoping they go away soon. They seem like they’re fading. I’ve been trying more stuff on my face lately, so that’s an issue. I have sensitive skin, it sucks. Or it might be my off brand makeup wipes. They might not be good for eye makeup. Which is mostly what I use. 

Anyways, back to Ray and I, we left target and went back to the house, and just sort of enjoyed what little time we had together. We threw on a show and just spent that last hour or so together. Eventually, we had to leave, and I finished packing my things and we headed out. It’s always bittersweet leaving. 

It had actually snowed at some point while we were in the house, and on the way back to my town, we noticed more flurries out my way. I just hope all we get for the next few weeks is nothing more than flurries. I’m nervous about trying to plan out days with Ray only for the snow to ruin it. 

When we drove up to my house, we kissed, and I just kept telling him I didn’t want to go. Which I didn’t. I dawdled – I didn’t want to leave the car. This distance thing is getting harder, I’m really growing attached to this boy. He means so much to me. And I think I mean something to him, too. 

Which is why, I don’t want to let silly feelings get in the way. It’s just hard because I don’t get a whole lot of time with him. It makes me even more ready to be in the city and much closer to him. If anything, this relationship is pushing me to want to get there faster. I need to be close to him, because this is something really important to me. 

This was a super long post, so if you actually read through that, then… wow, I’m impressed. I think this is one of those posts more for me, and just to kind of remember the weekend. I’d write them while I was with him, but it’s kind of hard to do that. 

Also, if you just skipped to the bottom, I just want to say thanks again for still following me! I’ve been such a slacker on reading blogs lately, I’ve fallen a couple days behind. It’s getting harder to keep up with everyone, and I feel bad if I don’t always comment. But hopefully I can get myself back on track soon!

12 thoughts on “Why Are The Weekends Always So Short?”

  1. awww i can imagine how much it must suck to have to leave after a nice weekend together! 😥 and to be honest, you can’t control your feelings – you can only control how you REACT to them and the fact that you didn’t take them out on him was great 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really does suck! I only get to see him about once a month right now so it always feels so short :/ and you’re right, it’s impossible to stop them. I really didn’t want to take it out on him, it wouldn’t have been worth it.
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂💜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I know you mentioned that it was silly of you to be upset about the pizza but I would’ve been too lol I don’t know if I would have been able to keep my mouth shut to that one. The fact that he came home all drunk after 5 hours, yes it was expected, but I would’ve been sad, too lol I am crazy though–you did well on keeping those annoyances to yourself because I wouldn’t have been able to then I’d regret/feel bad later lol. At least he still attempted to go out with you at the end of the night even though the rain ruined that. :-/

    I’ve never heard of or played Mario Odyssey either? Boyfriend and I bought “Last of Us” for our PS3 a few years back and the graphics were beautiful then–I could only imagine how beautiful they are now. We didn’t like that game so much though.’

    It really does seem that Ray and you are getting closer! It’s good that the relationship is important enough to you to motivate you to move closer to him. ❤ I hope you get out there asap. You deserve it.

    P.S. I really did laugh out loud when I read about how you hate “the crunch” of veggies LOL. And also! Don’t worry about falling behind on the blogs, don’t feel bad! I fell behind too!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was hard! I was so frustrated at that point, and I could see how clueless he was being and I think that made it worse 😂 like he just wasn’t thinking. And I was already bummed out. There was a good part of that night where I just sort of distanced myself because I didn’t want to be that girl who made it a big deal. I wanted to cry, I wanted to get mad. I got my period two days later, all made even more sense lmao. I knew I’d of felt bad if I would’ve made it into something, so I just tried to get over it and sleep it off – and Sunday actually turned into a nice day!

      Mario Odyssey just came out within the last month! It’s for the switch (: it’s really interactive. And yeah I think they have a ps4 and the graphics were just great. I didn’t play it so I dunno if I’d like it or not.

      And honestly I think we are! I can feel myself falling a little more crazy for him the more I see him. And he has this smile that just makes my heart flutter – and it didn’t do that before lol. So I may be slowly falling in love with him but I think I’ll keep that part to myself for now 😛☺️ but thank you! I’m really hoping, my wits are at their end lol.

      Hahah I just don’t like the texture! I don’t mind them sometimes when they’re cooked (like my mom puts green peppers in her spaghetti sauce plus onions – doesn’t bug me as much). But it’s so weird to my tastebuds or something, I really am weird with food. Like I wonder if that’s a thing, because I get food paranoia. I’m really weird hahah. And awww thanks 💜

      And thanks so much as always for reading and supporting me, it always means a lot 💜💜


      1. Hahaha, boys are always clueless. I got my period today! Ours aren’t in sync this month, I guess lol. It’s always better to let small things like that slide haha. I gotta learn that.

        Oooh I see. I’ve never played the switch. Sounds cool.

        Ah that’s so sweet…it’s really something that he drives 2hrs to pick you up and then 2hrs to bring you back to his place and then 2hrs to drop you off and 2hrs again to go home. That is dedication. Move out there with him!!!! ❤😉😄

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha they really are! Another reason I didn’t want to make it a big deal – it’s a guy thing and he was drunk so he was thinking even less lmao. And ohh no! Well, we are only a week off haha. Mine came on time this month, like a couple days early. It is better to let the small things slide, in the long run it wouldn’t have been worth it to make such a big deal about it.

        The switch is a lot of fun! The sucky part is it’s not backwards compatible and everything for it is still pretty expensive since it came out this year


      3. And it really is, isn’t it? It means a lot to me that he’s willing to go through all that – which is why I tell myself I’m silly when I start having doubts lol. This boy obviously likes me ☺️ and I’m going to make that the plan eventually! I’m trying to get myself closer to him ☺️💜😛

        I hit send before finishing the message lmao


      4. Oops. I didn’t scroll down to the rest of your comment before I pressed send. Still getting used to my new phone–so sorry!!! I am like a grandma with new technology lol.

        I think that is really strange!!! Maybe there is something about food paranoia. I’m super curious about it. I love trying new foods and will try anything at least once! It’s okay though, everyone is weird in their own way!!

        And of course, I’ll always support you. I love your content and how much heart you put into your blog!!! Thank you for always doing the same for me and my blog, too!❤

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Hahaha I did the same thing 😂😂
        How is your new phone? Haha

        I definitely know it’s strange haha, my mom doesn’t get it and I have such a hard time explaining it to people because I think it’s just me being super picky 😂 but there are certain tastes that are so overwhelming that I have a hard time branching out because I just don’t care for it haha. I do need to eat more veggies, though.

        And awww thanks so much 💜💜 It really means something to me that I’ve made such a great friend on this blog ☺️ and of course! I feel the same way about your blog 💜 I’ll catch up on your posts soon! I’ve been so tired lately after work I’ve fallen behind again lol. This week is going to be similar 😭


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