An Embarrassing Story

I’ve been through a number of embarrassing incidents. I think most people have. There’s a story that goes all the way back to fifth grade with my first crush, where I wrote him this love letter and told a few people about it. Then these people proceeded to tell other people and then right before I went to give it to him, some girl was telling him that I was about to give him a love note. Silly me, I still gave it to him. He didn’t talk to me for a week after that. Oh, childhood memories. I got used to rejection after that.

Instead, I figured I’d retell an incident that actually happened at work earlier this year. I may have mentioned a few times that I’m a klutz by nature. I’ve dropped a number of things – hell, a few weeks ago I tried carrying a container of both Italian and Balsamic dressing, went to open the door, and dropped the Italian dressing all over the floor. It busted and there was oil everywhere. These are the sorts of things they expect from me now at work. I guess you could say, I’m living up to my image? My expectations? 

Anyways, earlier this year, I had a few incidents almost back to back. First, I was carrying a tub of pineapple sriracha (it’s a sauce for our pot-stickers/dumplings), and I was stupidly carrying it by its lid (I think I was carrying something else, too). I opened the door, and the container went flying into the dining area, and spilled everywhere. I learned a lesson that day – don’t carry things by their lids. It’s stupid, very stupid. And pineapple sriracha is sticky, so the area took about a half hour or so out of my time to get other things done.

Incident #2 – also happened in the cooler. I went to grab our mild sauce to fill it up, and I think I also (stupidly) grabbed it by it’s lid to get it up to hold it better, and I’m a little blurry on what happened now, it’s been a while, but you can guess it. I spilled half the container all through the cooler. It got over beer cans, bottles, underneath the rows. Mild sauce over everything. That also probably took about an hour out of my day to try to clean up. Also, these incidents never happen on slow days. 

Finally, the real embarrassing one. I had gone to the cooler all the way in the back to bring up some sauces (I think it was both mild and sweet hot). Anyways, the sweet hot was on top, and unknowingly, the container wasn’t completely shut (the lid was propped slightly open). So when I went to dip the containers back towards me to open the door, well, sweet hot sauce went all over my shirt, my neck, my chest, down my shirt…. It was awful! I kind of went numb, like, of course this would happen to me. And I remember going upfront and just kind of pointing at my shirt to the guys and I think I made some of their day, but for me, it was terrible! I mean, I laugh about it now, but I went to the bathroom to try to get it out and I could only get so much. Actually, where it hit my chest and neck, it had turned it slightly more orange/red.

Not thinking, I should’ve called my mom and had her bring me in another shirt and stuff, but instead, I had to work the next three hours in this sweet hot soaked shirt. I was just embarrassed. I smelled like it, and it was just sticky and awful. That day I was so happy when I got to leave. I went home and took a shower and really got to assess the damage at that point. I mean, this was my undershirt (my mom managed to get the stain out amazingly enough).

But yeah, story of my life. I’m a klutz and I do embarrassing things all the time. This was one of the worst though! What are some embarrassing things you have done?

November Writing Challenge #20

21 thoughts on “An Embarrassing Story”

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever spilled things like that. I did, however, when I was in dance class years and years ago, bust my butt during warm-ups. We were alternating high kicks, and I wanted to kick really high, and I kicked so high I knocked myself off balance and fell on my butt. So embarrassing!

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      1. Awww! Haha I don’t blame you though, I would’ve been, too. I once fainted in the middle of my gym class, and when I woke up to my class standing all around me, it was so embarrassing. I didn’t even want to ever go back to that class again!

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  2. It refreshing to hear stories about real life incidents. I am kinda the same way, some of my worst stories are me tripping over my own feet. It gets so bad sometimes I hurt myself. Almost went through a glass window once because of my feet. Thank you for sharing your story.

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    1. Ohh gosh that sounds pretty awful! Did you get hurt pretty bad? I can relate, I trip over my own feet all the time, and I’ve had incidents of tripping over other people’s feet at work, and actually falling flat on the ground. Doesn’t help that I bruise easy and it takes weeks to fade.
      And thank you for reading and commenting (:

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    1. Hahah the funny part is they’ve joked about that 😂 and then I get to come back with “well you’ve also done this, and this, and that.” So I mean everyone has dropped shit 😂 I’m just more commonly known for it haha

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