If I Could Rid The World Of One Thing…

To narrow it down to just one thing, it’s hard. There is so much wrong with the world we live in. I would have to say, if I had only one choice, I’d say greed. Greed brings out the worst in people. Everything in society revolves around how much money you have, how much you make. It causes people to be money hungry, power hungry. It’s terrible. Hate is also brought on by greed. So without it, we’d have less hate.

I’m one of those people that believe that good walks with evil, because you have to have balance in the world. Too much of a good thing isn’t actually good. Utopian societies would never be successful because of people in general – we’re built in a way to be unique, which makes it impossible for us to all be the same. So, yes, we have to have bad things in the world, to balance out all the good. But if we could limit how often these bad things happen – that in itself would be progress. 

What about you? If you could rid the world of one thing, what would you pick?

November Writing Challenge #16

18 thoughts on “If I Could Rid The World Of One Thing…”

    1. Thank you ☺️ and I definitely do agree with that to a degree! I feel like your version of the world would change when you change your wrongs. But maybe it would also have a domino effect and affect others. It’s an interesting theory (:

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  1. I love to rid the world of STRESS. Your stress, my stress, your neighbors stress, your dogs stress, your teachers stress. Just want to get rid of all the stress in the world. Positivity and more smiling faces would soon follow 🌸 xxx

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  2. Nothing is required to get rid of. We shall just only accept the situations and happenings as the way they are without any judgement of likes or dislikes. Stress will automatically disappear and ever lasting peace and joy will be the end result

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  3. There are two sides of every coin. With all of us, including me, is that we wish others to be kind, honest, having good character etc., instead of improving our selves. Whenever we will start improving self the whole scenereo will change.

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