Mid-November Accomplishments

We’re already mid-November… HOW? Time has surely been flying by. Before too long it’s going to be Christmas. Wait… Thanksgiving is next week? See, I knew this would happen. As soon as Halloween is over, the holidays just sneak right up on you. 2018 is right around the corner. I’m so ready for the new year.

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Anyways, what have I accomplished so far this month? Honestly? Not as much as I wanted to. Back when the month started, I made a post (here), and started some goals for this month:

-help my mom get the house organized for the holidays
-start Christmas shopping
-spend at least one weekend with Ray
-buy Ray something for his birthday
-try for my permit (with only my State ID)
-update my health insurance information, and be prepared to get kicked off of it

Well, I have been helping with the first one. Or trying to. We’ve made some progress, but so much is up to my mother and she just isn’t motivating. I can’t go through her stuff. She started a new job, and it’s just been a reason for her not to motivate. I understand she’s older, but… she had the last month off from work. And 5 hours compared to my 8.5 hours is nothing. I don’t know. Thanksgiving is next week, and the dining room is still a mess. We need to drop a lot of stuff off to donate, and I’ve said this, but still, it’s sitting there.

I haven’t even begun Christmas shopping. I’m hoping to buy a few things for Black Friday (online), but payday falls on Black Friday (which means since I don’t have direct deposit, I won’t get the money until Saturday). It’s not going to be a big Christmas, and that’s okay, but I still want to get a few things.

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I’m spending this upcoming weekend with Ray, so hey, there’s one thing crossed off the list. I can’t wait to, honestly.

And I did buy him something for his birthday (which is today actually). It wasn’t anything grand – he didn’t go all out for my birthday. But I bought him a couple of imperial stouts that we have at work. They’re 22 oz bottles, and on the pricier side. I’m also giving him this one beer that’s technically expired (I didn’t pay for it, just took it from work because it is expired and we’re not going to sell it). It’s called “Breaking Bud,” and it has the Breaking Bad logo and is kind of mocking it. He loves that show, so I thought that’d be cool to give him, whether the beer is good or not.

I haven’t had a chance to even try for my permit this week. The DMV is only open Tuesdays and Thursdays. And the two days I could’ve done it I wound up either sleeping in or cleaning. So if I don’t get it this month, next month for sure. I also  realized that I can go for it, but I won’t get much driving until closer to spring, most likely. I just have to have my license by March. Fingers crossed this winter isn’t too harsh.

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The funny part is, I tried to update my health insurance but I couldn’t get the page to open? I logged into the system, and went to update my information, but where I was supposed to click, it didn’t take me anywhere or do anything. The button didn’t work. So I gave up on it that day because of work, but I still have yet to go and try to update my information again. Which I need to soon, I just don’t want to call them.

Overall, so far I guess I’m not doing too awful on my personal goals. I did, however, basically give up on my second photography challenge for myself. But I feel I sort of make up for it with the black and white photography challenge, which I’m seriously thinking I may keep up with even after day 7. There’s still a couple weeks left, so we’ll see what happens!

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November Writing Challenge #15

9 thoughts on “Mid-November Accomplishments”

  1. I’m slacking on cleaning and haven’t even thought about what gifts to get and for who…ugh. Your month seems more productive than mine, lol you did awesome! Hope you get to the DMV before the snow falls and roads get dangerous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha well thanks! I’ve been trying to stay a little more motivated because time is running out already 🙊 but gifts I’m still not even sure yet! And I hope so, too! I really want to get it before then!

      Liked by 1 person

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