Broken Glass

Speaking to you,
It’s walking on eggshells,
Stepping over broken glass,
Tiptoeing over the pieces that you refuse to accept.

You’re always right,
I’m always wrong.
Memories long faded,
You can’t even remember the truth.

I bite my tongue,
Arguing is meaningless.
Let’s forget about what happened,
Your facts are wrong,
But we accept.
After all, you’re right.

If I step on glass,
If I cut myself on one shard,
I open a past wound,
One that’s already been healed.

Or has it?
Maybe it never fully healed.
It was just buried,
The skin healed,
But the wound was deep.

Can’t you hear the words,
Feel the memories?
You’re so focused on yourself,
Your hurt,
Your pain.

How could you not see,
I have my own scars to hide.

Random Scrawls #7

3 thoughts on “Broken Glass”

  1. This resonates with me too well. Its like a friend of mine. Ive known her 7 years and no matter what the argument, Shes always right and I stay quiet. I posted about an argument I had with her two days ago. I have begun to stand my ground and it feels great

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    1. I’m glad you’re learning to stand your ground! Sometimes you really have to, for you. This was more related to my mother, and I’ve learned to stand my ground a little more with her, but she doesn’t always listen to what I have to say, so I just stay quiet


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