Black And White Photo Challenge (3)

I was challenged by Priya (Wanderings of a Lost Soul) to participate in the Seven Day Black And White Photos of Your Life Challenge. 

I’m actually really enjoying this challenge. It gives me an excuse to take pictures of everything.

No people.
No explanation.
Challenge someone new everyday.

For today, I’m going to challenge Ashley @Practicing Imperfection. Of course, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to!

Black and White Photo Challenge #3

16 thoughts on “Black And White Photo Challenge (3)”

    1. Oh I love it as well! It’s another reason I was happy to accept this challenge. I definitely recommend at least playing around with photography if you have an interest. It’s fun to capture the moments and scenery around you.

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      1. A little bit! Nothing too fancy, but I play around with the contrast and stuff like that in an editor on my phone! Throwing a filter on it only does so much ☺️ haha. It’s actually something I remember learning in class. It’s not photoshop, but it does the trick! Actually not using a filter at all is best for black and whites I think.


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