A Few Drinks I’ve Tried Recently

For this post, I wanted to review a few drinks I’ve tried recently. Last week, I bought a mix pack at work, and I picked 6 different beers to try out. So, here’s my review of each one:

865 Coffee Stout
DuClaw Brewing Company
Type: Stout
Alc. 6.9%

Strong notes of coffee. I’ve tried a handful of stouts recently, and this one is definitely on the stronger side. Not bad, though, just not something I could sit down and drink a whole six pack of. It’d be a drink that could go well with a meal, though.

I thought I had another photo of this but I guess not!

Georgia Brown
Sweetwater Brewing Company
Type: Brown Ale
Alc. 5.8%

Smooth finish, it goes down easy. Can taste chocolate in it, and an overall pleasant drink. Brown ales are growing to be something I’m fond of. I could buy a 6 pack of this and enjoy drinking it.


Death By Coconut
Oskar Blues Brewery
Type: Irish Style Porter
Alc. 6.5%

Chocolaty coconut taste. Very smooth and easy to drink. Overall very tasty, I really enjoyed this one, even more so than the Georgia Brown I think. Could easily drink a few of these at a time.


Vanilla Java Porter
Atwater Brewery
Type: Porter
Alc. 5%

Subtle hints of vanilla and coffee. I really liked this one, I actually bought a six pack of it because it’s very smooth and I really enjoyed it as an everyday beer.


Winter Cheers
Type: Wheat Ale
Alc. 6.7%

There are quite a few beers by Victory that I rather enjoy (Golden Monkey, Sour Monkey), but this one I wasn’t quite taken to. Maybe it’s because it’s a winter beer, and I’ve never really drank those before. It wasn’t really my cup of tea (or beer I guess) but it got easier to drink the more I drank it.


Southern Tier
Type: Spiced Double Ale
Alc. 8.0%

Southern Tier is another great brewery, and I’ve liked a few of their beers (ever since I tried their Pumking I think). But like the Victory one, I also wasn’t a big fan of this beer. Tasted like something you would expect in a Christmas beer, and it went down smoother the more I drank it. But not really a fan. I may have to drink a few more winter beers to really enjoy them.


I enjoy trying new beers, and I have to say I had a few successes from this batch. We just got a lot of new Winter beers in stock, so I may be doing another review on another 6 pack within the next couple weeks. It’s a way to remember the ones I’ve tried as well! 

What do you guys think?

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