Talking to Myself

I tell myself I’m okay,
I’m a survivor, I’ll find a way.

I tell myself it will get better,
Fake it until you make it,
That’s what they say.

I tell myself to give it time,
Because time heals everything,
Even the deepest of wounds.

I tell myself good things will come,
Because being positive and optimistic preserves my sanity.

I tell myself everything happens for a reason,
People are meant to come and go,
Sometimes things just don’t work out.

I tell myself little lies,
Because eventually I may convince myself that this life has more meaning than this, 
That maybe I’ll find a way to be happy.

Not just happy,
but to be motivated,
and dealing with life in a way I can only dream of right now.

I tell myself it’s possible,
Because I have to believe in something.

Random Scrawls #5

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