7 Random Thoughts

Where did my winter socks disappear to? For the life of me, I can’t remember where I misplaced them, I just know I had them in a bag, and there’s a part of me slightly worried they wound up in the donation pile and are forever gone. If so… then I need to purchase more comfy socks, right?

How is Thanksgiving in two weeks? Because the way this always works, Thanksgiving happens, and then suddenly it’s Christmas. I am nowhere near prepared. Help. Online shopping will be my best friend this year.

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Could I find a way to survive without income for a month? Because if so, I would definitely quit my job right now. It’d be all the motivation I need to get shit done. After yesterday, I’m so fed up with it. I actually had a family come in, not only leave their shit for me to clean up (it’s a self serve restaurant), and that’s fine enough if it’s your first time there. But they had kids who ripped up napkins all over the floor and they couldn’t even bother cleaning up after their own damn kids. That’s so inconsiderate. Especially since we were super busy all day, and right around the time they left, 4 o’clock, the phone was going off every minute (like the moment I set it down it was going off again) and I had people coming in the store as soon as I tried to go over to clean it up. And I also had orders to bag. It was just too much going on at once for one person, and I love how I always get stuck with the shitty job. Never been so happy to have to two days off not in a row, because I’m off today.

If I can’t see my friend while I’m in Pittsburgh and Ray is at his formal, I really don’t think I’d complain about spending three hours playing my Wii U by myself, or writing blog posts. Not at home? Even more perfect. Ray is worried because I’m visiting him and he has to leave for a few hours, but I’m actually kind of not worried at all. 

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Watching those Fine Brother videos makes me feel so old. I know at 24, I’m not old, but I mean, when you see teens react to 90’s music or early 2000’s music and you know every jam, and they not only guess completely wrong on the artist, but they say things like, “this song is so old.” And it came out in like 2001. Which doesn’t feel that old to me but I guess it is. It does not feel like we’re closer to the year 2030 than the year 2000, but we are. And that’s scary to me in a sense.

Did you guys see this video of this guy who made this robot that’s lifelike? It can have a conversation with you and all that jazz. Haven’t people learned by now not to fuck around with artificial intelligence? I, Robot, anyone? Not to mention the countless other movies about smart houses and just technology fucking us over. It’s the end of the world as we know it, or damn near close. I’m living in the wrong era maybe.

My best friend told me I need to invest in some Cuddle Duds wear for winter. So I spent like an hour saving items on eBay and then realized I may as well just wait until Black Friday and see if I can find any better deals online. My next pay is on Black Friday, which means I won’t get the money until Saturday morning unless I spend like $15, which is a definitive fuck no because it’s the holidays and every dollar matters. I definitely don’t have the money for Cyber Monday though. I need a new computer so bad. This is the moment I’m regretting spending like $300 on my Wii U and games. But at the same time, I treated myself, so it was worth it, too. But… Black Friday shopping online! I have no room for stuff, so I need to remember this, too. I need new dressers, a new mattress, bedroom suit in general. I’ve been sleeping on the same twin mattress I’ve had since I was a kid. It belonged to a bed bunk set. It’s at least 20 some years old. I’m long overdue.

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So here are 7 random thoughts. The more I write, the more random I get. I could’ve made this post even longer. In all seriousness, though, the holidays always sneak up on you so fast! I hate this time of year because of that. Plus it’s so cold, I’m already wanting Spring to be here. It’s not even Winter officially yet. This is going to be a long season.

Also, it’s Veteran’s Day, so thank you to everyone who has ever fought for our country, and for your service!

November Writing Challenge #11

19 thoughts on “7 Random Thoughts”

  1. Hope you find your winter socks or find some new ones! Is cyber Monday only about electronics or do clothes stores do it too?

    Boyfriend and I️ were watching that robot. She is so scary to me. And I’ve never even watched I️, robot or blade rubber!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know! It’s coming, and it just reminds us how dumb people are. Yes, it’s cool, you made a robot. But what’s going to happen is robots are going to start taking over everything. Technology is already starting to rule the world 😳


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