Self Portrait + 5 Facts

I shared a photo of myself once before on here – in my Halloween costume. But I never actually showed a photo of myself on here aside from that. So, here’s me:

I’ve never been to the ocean. Never seen it, swam in it, or been to an actual beach. I’ve been to a lake before, so I have walked on sand, but even that’s been years ago. The funny part is I was actually in New Jersey a couple of years ago, but we didn’t get the chance to go – it was too cold. It’s a personal goal I hope I get to knock off come next year.

On that note, I’ve also never really been anywhere. I did go to New Jersey, but only had a brief experience there. And my mother and I spent two weeks in this town in the middle of nowhere, Illinois (it’s not actually called that, but it’s a very small town) to visit someone. Didn’t experience much there either. So on the grander scale of things, there’s very little places I’ve really had the chance to explore, especially out of state. I really want to travel,  there’s so much to see!

I used to drink Angry Orchard (hard cider) when I first started drinking alcohol. I drank it so much I actually kind of hate the taste now. Especially Angry Orchard, there’s just this taste to it that makes my face turn. I don’t know how I drank it for so often. I’ve tried other ciders, though, and I can’t drink more than one. Just can’t do it anymore.

I freeze real easy in the winter time, which is why it’s my least favorite season. I love the snow, however, it brings the cold, and makes it a pain to travel. So with age, I’ve also grown to hate the winter. My hands and feet especially get ice cold easy. At work, I’m constantly washing my hands. Mix that with the cold and they dry out so fast and start cracking. Suffice to say, I’m already counting down the days until Spring. I may have allergies in Spring, but at least it’s warmer.

I have never dyed my hair or done anything crazy with it. But I’ve been really wanting to do something with it lately. My hair is so thin, I worry about adding chemicals to it, though. But I’ve been looking for a change to do with myself, and dying it would be a good way to start, I think. I’m making it an early New Year’s Goal.

Well, there you go. 5 random facts about me and a selfie. 

PBR work shirt

November Writing Challenge #7

12 thoughts on “Self Portrait + 5 Facts”

  1. Totally relate on winter. There is not a product on the shelf that can fix my hands, and if there is there’s not time enough in the day to apply it! Looking forward to seeing you achieve some change goals. Starting with hair is a good idea, it can really make a difference in how you feel!

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    1. There’s lotions that work wonders on my hands! But it doesn’t really matter if I’m constantly washing them at work lol 🙈 and thank you! That’s how I feel, I feel if I give it some kind of style it’ll make me feel a little better about things lol

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  2. I️ hope the future brings you to the ocean and onto more travelling! My hands freeze really easily, too! 😛 I️ love your hair color, I don’t think you should dye it! Natural hair colors are the best. ❤️

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    1. Thank you!! I hope so, too, haha. And thank you ☺️ I do agree that natural is best, and my mom keeps saying not to dye it, but I’d like to try a change – even a slight one! There’s temporary colors you can do, or even just highlights would be a start!

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  3. You are SO pretty! ❤ I can totally relate to you on the extremely dry and cold hands during the winter-mine totally crack up and look horrible this time of year if I don’t moisturize all the time. XP

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  4. The ocean is such a beautiful place to go to. Unwind and think about life. A fact from someone who grew up in the Philippines surrounded by beautiful oceans 🙂 I hope you’ll have a chance to go to the beach soon.. 🙂

    And your eyes are so beautiful! What hair color do you want on your hair, tho?

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