A simple text,
asking me again,
not to be disappointed.
My heart sinks,
because I am.
How could you forget?
About me,
do I matter?

Maybe you didn’t want me to go,
Maybe you did this on purpose.
This sinking feeling,
falling to the floor,
aren’t you going to catch me?
Or just let me fall?

My mind is on 100 thoughts,
you’re getting bored with me.
You have to be,
A simple text,
it reads loud and clear,
“we’ll make it work!”
screaming positive vibes.

Why does my brain,
blow everything out of proportion?
People get busy,
they forget.
It’ll be okay,
stop exhausting yourself with worry,
finding a way,
it’s going to happen.

it’s exhausting.
I’ve tried to convince myself,
how I know it’s deceiving me.
Telling me little lies,
I know it’s not true.

Why does it do this?
Torment me,
ruin my optimism,
until it vanishes.

Dear thoughts,
shut off.
You don’t know what you’re thinking,
the situation,
don’t blow it out of proportion.
Let’s stop planting false scenarios.

Random Scrawls #4

9 thoughts on “Overthinking”

    1. Things are fine! This is just my mind overthinking and worrying about stupid things. I’ve been doing it this week, but things are actually really fine with him. No worries, thank you though (:


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