Clouded Thoughts

I just want to breathe again,
my sinuses are all congested.
This weather is bringing me down.
Stay warm or stay cold,
what is this back and forth?

Thunderstorms in November.
I give up on understanding.
All I know is I have a cold,
I feel miserable,
my mind is clouded.

This scrawl,
it’s lame.
But I wanted to write something,
you see,
to keep my thoughts running.
The creative flow is starting to come back,
very slowly,
but it’s returning.

I would just very much like,
to be able to breathe again.
I am not ready for Winter.

I’ve decided to try to get myself into writing more in this type of format, and maybe poetry will start to come to me, eventually. I’m rusty at this, but they say practice makes perfect, and writing is practice. I really do have a cold, and my head is so congested right now that it’s making it hard to think of much else. First cold of the season, please go away 😦

Random Scrawls #3

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