I don’t want to second guess your intentions,
to me – you mean well.
History has taught me
that we never really know someone.
That lingering doubt,
it’s there.

Hiding in the corner of my thoughts.
Help me get rid of it,
squash it,
make it disappear.
Second guessing myself,
what do I do?

Happiness is something you have made me feel,
something is different.
Maybe it’s just me.
It’s hard.
I fear you’ll stop.
I don’t want you to go,

Tell me I’m being crazy,
this doubt,
it’s lingering,
filtering through.
Heavy weight,
burying through.

I need to hear you speak.
I need to hear you say you want this.
don’t leave me.
I’m scared of you walking away.
He did.
He told me not to give up on him,
he gave up on me.

Nervous feelings,
they plague me.
Just don’t,
please don’t,
give up on me yet.

Random Scrawls #2

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