So, I don’t really dive into the world of poetry, and I wouldn’t really say this is good poetry at all. But I was writing something for another post, and I’m drinking this really yummy boozy smoothie, so I felt inspired to attempt to write. I was sort of getting emotions from a former lifetime, and this came to be. Here’s my lame attempt:

I pretend that everything is fine.
Nothing is wrong,
these tears – they mean nothing.
There’s something in my eye.
Nothing more.
Nothing is wrong,
my heart – it’s not heavy.
It doesn’t feel like it’s being squeezed,
about to burst.
I smile – laugh it off.
You wouldn’t understand.
So I’ll pretend.
I’m fine – you see.
It’s not like I’m falling apart on the inside,
Nothing makes sense.
I was never a good liar.
You leave it be,
I must be better than I thought.

Random Scrawls #1

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