10 things People Don’t Expect From Me

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I’d have to say there’s probably quite a few things people don’t expect from me. When someone meets me for the first time, I’m normally on the shyer side, or I used to be anyways, and I’m really nice, laid back. Honestly, I can get along with anyone. So when people actually get to know me, they might be a tad surprised when these things happen:

1.) I complain a lot

Literally… about everything. Especially at work. People piss me off, I have to vent. Stupid things make my head hurt. Rude things make me mad. It happens. I have to complain.

2.) I have no patience

I used to have so much patience. But I think working in the customer service industry for so long has made me lose patience with most people. Like I said, stupid things makes my head hurt. 

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3.) Give me one reason to take it out on you, I dare you

Seriously, though. All it takes is for you to keep pissing me off and I will go off on you and bitch you out. As mentioned – I have no patience, and you’re being an ass. Stop.

There was this guy from tinder who I told off months ago (like before Ray was in the picture, so it was sometime back in March or April). He’d message me and ask me to hangout almost everyday, but we barely really talked about anything. And I didn’t feel comfortable hanging out with him. I even flat out told this guy that I wanted to just talk, that he asked me too much to hang out. So what did he do? He asked me again (which clearly says something is off about this guy), so I went off on him. This guy actually added me on all social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) within an hour of talking to me for the first time. I never added him. And he was good and didn’t message me for a few months. Then he did again, from a different number. And he did the whole “do you want to hang?” and I was like… no. Because even from a different number, I knew it was this guy, and he was texting me like I should know who he is. This went on and off for a couple of months before I started blocking him.

A few weeks ago, this guy messaged me again, from a different number (a couple of times, both different numbers). He messaged me around midnight the one night, and I asked him who he was, even though I knew. When he told me his name, I just asked him to delete my number. It was the oddest thing, and I was just waiting for this guy to message me one more fucking time so I could go off on him. Like, what the actual fuck?

4.) I go from being this girl who barely talks, to one who won’t shut up

Once I get to know you, but more importantly, once I feel comfortable around you, I will talk your ear off. I don’t like awkward silences. And if I want to talk, I will talk about everything.

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5.) I have tough skin

I’ve been through quite a number of things, not to say that they’re all that terrible compared to other people, but I’ve been through my own shit. Over the years, I’ve just toughened my skin to dealing with hard times and people. At the same time, though, if I’m by myself, and things start adding up, I may have a slight breakdown. I just don’t show it to people.

6.) I’m very optimistic, but I’m also a realist

People think that I can be pessimistic at times, but it’s not that at all. I just like to be realistic about situations. Yes, I want to believe in the best things to happen, but you also have to consider the actual situation. That does not make me a pessimist.

7.) I talk to a lot of people, but I don’t have a lot of friends

There’s only a handful of people who I would consider to be my real friends. I work with a lot of great people, but we don’t really talk outside work. So that makes it hard for me to truly consider them my friends. I do in one sense, don’t in another. Although, if I was truly in a bind, I could rely on those guys in a heartbeat. Hopefully. 

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8.) I’m a girl, and I know my beer

After working at my current job for over a year, I’ve learned so much about beer. Just by  trying new things, and seeing new items come into stock. So it’s funny when customers are surprised I know all the prices or I actually know the difference between certain beers. Or the fact I can actually recommend a few. 

9.) If I’m your friend, I’ll always be there

I don’t care how often we talk or don’t talk. If you truly need a friend to talk to, or just hang out and grab a drink with – I’m your girl. Granted, I’ve blown friends off when I just don’t feel like going out. But the situation is different if you really just need someone to hang out with and take your mind off things. I’m a great listener. If you just need to talk on the phone – I’m here. My best friend lives a state away and we keep in touch by talking on the phone all the time, she’ll say it’s just like I’m there and we’re just bullshitting about whatever.

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10.) I’m true to myself

I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. What you see, it’s what you get, basically. I’m me, I may be a tad shy at first, but you’ll find that I don’t lie about who I am. I don’t really lie at all, I hate it, it makes me feel like I have soap in my mouth. There are times where people say it’s necessary to lie – like to the government because they fuck you over enough – but I don’t even like lying to workers who are simply doing their job. When people want me to improvise something on the spot – I am God awful at it. I can’t be anything but me, my words jumble when I try to make things up. In this same breadth, I’ve had people call me a goody two shoes before because I’m just honest. 

There are probably a number of things that people are surprised about when they get to know me. I’m not even sure how I did with this list, but there’s an idea. You might be surprised if you truly got to know me.

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9 thoughts on “10 things People Don’t Expect From Me”

  1. That guy who wouldn’t leave you alone sounds so desperate, wow…I’m glad you never decided to meet up with him! I think it’s cool that you know your beer! I don’t know anything about it lol.

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    1. There was something really odd about that guy! And he definitely was desperate or something. He’s not a bad looking guy, but there’s something weird about him lol. I’m glad I never met up with him either. And thanks! Haha. I knew nothing when I first started. I’ve come a long way 😂

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  2. Wow…. This was a really power packed article. Beautiful.

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    This is my first book. So a review could really help me. Please read and let me know.✌

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