Hello, November

It’s… November? Already? How? Time has surely been flying right by. Before too long now, holiday music will be playing on the radio and we’ll be seeing Christmas decorations everywhere. Oh… Wait… they’ve already started that haven’t they? Why does Christmas start in October? This is why I love and hate the holidays.

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We’ve started getting in a number of Christmas and Winter beers at work as well, it’s going to be part of my goal to try some of these new flavors. This time last year, when I was still practically a newbie in the world of beer, I can guarantee I didn’t try any. So after trying a bunch of summer and fall beers, winter, you are next on my list.

Last month, I made a personal goal list (here) on top of my monthly writing/photography goals (current ones: here). So for November, I wanted to do more or less the same thing.

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November Personal Goals:

-help my mom get the house organized for the holidays
-start Christmas shopping
-spend at least one weekend with Ray
-buy Ray something for his birthday
-try for my permit (with only my State ID)
-update my health insurance information, and be prepared to get kicked off of it

Not a whole lot of goals, but still, something to aim for. I already have a weekend requested off to spend with Ray, so I know that’s happening in a few weeks. It also falls right after his birthday, so I know I have to get on it about buying him something soon, and I think I’ve kind of settled on buying him some good beer. He went simple for me, I figure I’d go simple for him (and they wouldn’t be cheap beer either). I’m already getting a few ideas for Christmas, but I have time to shop for that.

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I’m a little stoked for the holidays this year, and I think a lot of it has to do with Ray. I’ve never had someone for the holidays. Like… never. Never bought for a guy before either. I’m hoping I can spend New Year’s with him as well, but I’m a little worried how the weather is going to be this winter. They’re basically saying a mild winter until the snow comes and then it’s going to be shit. Something along those lines. Who knows for sure? I’d just hate to request some time off to be with him and then the snow get so bad I can’t see him. Because then I’d wind up spending the day just feeling terrible that I couldn’t see him. This is where I hate winter.

Anyways, November is here and I’m hoping to get through my goals this month! Last month wasn’t too awful, I did a decent amount, so I’m proud of that much. I’m finding that by challenging myself, I’m actually getting things accomplished. Who would’ve thunk? 

November Writing Challenge #1

10 thoughts on “Hello, November”

  1. I tried to get into beer over the last couple years, it’s definitely an acquired taste! The seasonal ones can be hit or miss, but it’s definitely a fun little hobby to get into when you’re out and about with friends and such.
    Good luck reaching your goals! I think I need to make a goals list too haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never really got into it until I started working at a place that sells it haha. I started buying mix packs and trying singles to sort of figure out what I actually like. They definitely can be hit or miss lol! And I agree.

      Thank you so much ☺️💜 it’s good to make a goals list lol, it helps motivate you to accomplish something on a monthly basis lol

      Liked by 1 person

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