Happy Halloween!

Today’s post was supposed to be “Halloween Costume,” but I feel I’m sort of repeating myself with that since I posted my costume in a post yesterday (here). So I’ll post it again, but I mostly wanted to use this post to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! I already celebrated it this past weekend, so it already feels like it’s over (even though it’s today).

Via Unsplash

Originally, I was thinking of doing something simple to dress up for work, but I decided to not do that. Which is fine! I’d rather go home tonight and watch a scary movie. I’m just dreading the 8.5 hours ahead of me. I miss those days they had me working only until 4 during the week…. actually when I started it was like 11am – 3pm shifts during the week and long shifts Friday and Saturday. Now I’m at 10:30am – 6:00pm or 7:00pm. I have no energy after work. 

Anyways, Happy Halloween guys! Are you doing anything fun for it? Or, like me, did you already go out and celebrate it? 

Am I crazy for sort of being excited about the upcoming holidays? I know you guys don’t know me very well, but I usually hate the holidays. What is going on?

Also, my costume again:

October Writing Challenge #31 [finale] 

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