What Do You Collect (#27)

I think everyone collects at least something. When I was younger, I used to collect receipts. As I got older, I realized how kind of pointless it was, but I liked the idea of remembering a past purchase – what I was doing that night, why I was doing it. I was a kid, so most of my purchases were on candy and junk food, so it really was pointless. 

I’m older now, and maybe I should collect certain receipts when it comes to paying them off towards my taxes, but I don’t. 

The things that I collect now are:


At work, a lot of times customers will leave me a small tip, or tell me to keep their change. Other times, they leave nickels, dimes and quarters in the penny jar. I swipe it. Every time. I figure if the customer doesn’t want it, I’ll take it. And I keep my change. I used to trade it out during the day for bigger bills, but I find keeping it as change makes me less likely to spend it. I’ve used some of it throughout the year, but as of right now I’ve saved up over $30 in change alone from the last few months. Always remember – it adds up. Even pennies I’ve started collecting if a customer gives me theirs or tells me to keep the penny. Which also leads me to…

Wheat Pennies

You’ve probably seen them around, especially if you’ve ever handled a cash register. They’re older coins that not only are made of copper, but they have wheat stalks on the back of the coin. Some of them are worth good money, while others are still worth more than a penny. As far as I’m concerned, $0.15 for a penny is still worth more than $0.01. So if I collect a bunch, they’re bound to be worth something, right? I have a small jar at home filled with them. 

I actually have an Indian penny from 1896, a customer turned it in the one day to buy beer (I counted out a 100 pennies, which was awful, but I found that and it made it worth it). I love collecting old coins like that. Online it says it could be worth like $14. For a penny. 

I also collect odd coins I find in my register, such as a coin from Venezuela that I have no idea how it got in my register. I collected a European penny once, not that it’s worth anything, but it was different so I kept it. I keep old Canadian pennies sometimes, too, just because. 

There’s so many more than what this shows

Bottle Caps

This one is kind of odd, I originally started collecting them because I liked some of the bottle caps. And then it was interesting to collect to see how much I was drinking. After awhile, they began to add up, and I now have a small box full of bottle caps. No idea what I’m saving these for, but I figure I may make some use out of them someday, or find some kind of arts and crafts project I could do from beer bottle caps. I can’t even remember what some of the beers from these caps were – they were singles I tried just to try. 

I always thought, too, that if the world ever fell into the Fallout universe, I could be rich because I’d already have a lot of bottle caps. Just saying.

I don’t have many, but I love how they have the date on them. Lord of the Rings, 2003. I still have it.

Movie Stubs

I don’t go to the theaters that often, so there are very few of these that I have. But still, I like to collect them. It reminds me that I saw a certain movie at a theater, kind of takes me back to that night. 

I think that may be it for all the things I collect. What are some things that you collect?

October Writing Challenge #27

19 thoughts on “What Do You Collect (#27)”

    1. Haha why do we collect the things we do? I also collect books! I used to collect CDs and movies, but stopped with how digital everything has become lol. I love mugs! I like getting shot glasses, too, but I don’t have too many right now

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  1. Must admit I don’t have any ‘collections’ per se, but I do have a big box full of ‘memory stuff’ (which is what I’ve scribbled on the side of it!) full of things like tickets from the cinema or attractions, receipts from places I’ve been that I want to remember, leaflets from places I’ve visited etc. x

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  2. I’ve always tried to collect my tickets to everything but I only have a couple because I always lose them before I even get home, lol. I have to collect my receipts for my taxes, I don’t really like to keep them lol and I’ve always collected my change because it really does add up…I don’t think there’s anything I really collect for myself.

    Also, I didn’t know about those wheat pennies!! How interesting!! And your photos look awesome, by the way!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh no!! Haha I stuff mine in my purse 😂 and gotcha! And change really does add up, I’m close to $40 now 🙊

      And thank you 💜 and yeah I actually recently discovered an old Indian nickel, too! Unfortunately it’s faded and you can’t read the year on it, but it has a Buffalo on it haha

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      1. I don’t carry a purse, just a small wristlet. I’d lose my whole purse if I carried one lol. That’s awesome, I don’t know how much I’ve got but it’s not that much I don’t think!

        How interesting! My Uncle collects quarters, he had a little book for them. It was cool!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Gotcha! Haha I always have a satchel type purse that way it’s always on me 😂 and gotcha! I collect change from work so that’s my excuse lol.

        I used to collect state quarters when I was younger, don’t really do that now

        Liked by 1 person

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