If The World Was Ending Tomorrow, How Would You Spend Your Day? (#25)

That is… one long ass title.

If the world was ending tomorrow, I think I’d be in shock. Then again, it depends on the situation. Would I know that the world is ending? I recently watched Seeking a Friend For the End of the World, and in that movie they have three months to prepare for the end of the world. Three months to prepare for how to handle that last day on Earth. 

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So, thinking about it from that point of view, the shock value is more or less gone, but I think it defeats the purpose of this prompt. If I just found out that the world was ending tomorrow, and I had one last day left to live, I’m not sure exactly what I would do. If I base it off of right here and right now, my current wishes and desires, the last thing I’d want to do is to spend it alone. 

I feel in my current situation, there are so many things that I would want to do on my last day, so many places to explore, but there wouldn’t be enough time. So ultimately, I’d want to spend it with the people I really cared about. The issue with that, is if I think realistically about it, and everyone was living their last day, I could picture it now: my friends would be with their families. I’d probably spend the day with my mother, who would be probably be saying fuck it all as well. 

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It’s funny, thinking about it. Because we can say things like, “I’d spend it with my loved ones,” or “I’d do the things I never had a chance to before.” But there’d still be those of us who would feel like we were being held back from living it to the fullest on the last day. And if we knew, would we really do all the things we wanted to, or could possible do, in 24 hours? Or would you just spend the day getting drunk or finding some kind of high to take away the fear of dying? 

Because, sometimes, you just don’t know what to live for. If, on your very last day, the people you wanted to be with wanted to spend it with other people, what would you do if you were alone? Or couldn’t make it to see the people you really wanted to see? I dunno, maybe I’m taking this post too seriously. 

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I think I’m too much of a realist, I can’t just say something if it feels unlikely to happen. If tomorrow was the last day for the world, I think it’d be chaotic. Chances of even getting out of town would be hard because people would be causing traffic jams. And traffic jams would be causing people to get pissed off and angry, and hey, it’s the last day on Earth, so what are you still living for? People would get hurt. Wouldn’t they? Anarchy would rise, and then you’d have those people who didn’t believe in the world ending. Denial is a strange thing, too.

Ideally, if tomorrow was my last day, I’d want to spend some time with my mother, and I’d want to spend it with Ray, too. Realistically, it’d probably have to be one or the other. And thinking about it actually makes me feel weird honestly. I think I’d be torn in how to spend it. And I’d probably be overwhelmed. It’s your chance to live life however you wish for 24 hours and still, I’d find a way to try to do the right thing instead of trying to do what I want to do.

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It’s a weird concept to think about.

If anything, it makes you think about the fact that you should be living life to the fullest right now. Start doing things that make you happy, because, if the world truly did end tomorrow, would you be happy with where you are right now? Would you be content with the person you’ve become? Do you think you’ve done anything to even lead you in the direction of saying, “hey, I tried, and I did what I could?” Because if you’re not accepting of your current situation, then maybe you need to work on initiating some kind of change.

Because I know if my world ended tomorrow, I don’t think I’d be ready. And I know, most people generally are not prepared nor ready for the end of days, but life really is short. Things happen in an instant, life as you know it could change drastically overnight. This much is true, so why aren’t we doing what we can to do the things that make life a little more exciting and invigorating? Why do we fall keen to pressure from society and people around us? Why do we feel the need to please everyone versus doing what we want to do? Guilt is the easiest pressure to fall into.

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So, guys, let’s start doing more to make our lives exciting. To look back and know that if the world ended tomorrow, we’d be able to say we did a lot, we lived. Because I don’t want to die without trying, without exploring or traveling. And I definitely don’t want to spend it feeling sorry for myself. 

October Writing Challenge #25

8 thoughts on “If The World Was Ending Tomorrow, How Would You Spend Your Day? (#25)”

  1. I’d actually never thought of this deeply and realised actually reality would kick in even if it was one more day till the world was going to end haha and there would be traffic, lots and lots of chaos and no you really wouldn’t get to do you bucket list in 24 hours and be with everyone you love. But I think looking at it as we should live life to the fullest is important and something we can all work towards I guess. Rather than when you are on death bed wishing you’d done things you didn’t get around to doing.

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    1. Neither did I really before this post! And exactly. We don’t really live the moment as often as we should, and time flies by so fast. If the world ended tomorrow, I wouldn’t be prepared for it at all!

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  2. This question made me think as well and I’ve realized that I have sooo much that I wanted to do, sooo much places that I wanted to go, and other things. And you’re right. We never know what’ll happen so we really need to live life to the fullest NOW.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Exactly! Thinking about it makes you realize that there’s so much out there you still have left to do, to try, to experience. The only way to fully live life is to start now 0


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