Guilty Pleasures (#14)

It took me all afternoon to think of these. I drew a blank on guilty pleasures. And then once I started thinking of them, I found these ones:

Indulging in a bowl of ice cream covered with chocolate and whipped cream. I finally found some black raspberry truffle, and it’s delicious.

Via Unsplash

Binging classic Disney movies. Or old Disney channel movies. I’m legit bummed I don’t have the Disney channel or ABC Family (Sorry, Freeform) to binge the Halloween movies this month. It’s my favorite time of year for it. They always play the classics!

Soundtrack music instrumentals. Especially the really epic ones such as Requiem for a Dream, Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, etc. I have so many soundtracks in my iTunes library. And then I have the sadder ones or piano melodies.

Watching unsolved murders or crime documentaries and TV shows. I used to watch this show called Web of Lies religiously in Investigation Discovery and other shows. Something about these kinds of things actually happening is terrifying. I’d also watch shows like Monsters Inside Me, which is basically a show about having viruses and bugs inside of you. Some are really nasty, and it makes you think twice about taking a trip out of the country. I think that one is on Animal Planet. Same with Infested, which I used to watch, too. People would have homes infested with different kinds of bugs and animals and the like. It’s creepy but very real.

Watching YouTube videos about the strange and paranormal. About world mysteries, the universe as we know it. Topics that make me think long and hard. (Youtube users such as: Beyond Science; Top 5s).

Eating anything fattening and delicious. Especially if it’s cheesy. It’s like the more you know it’s bad and awful for you, the better it tastes. I’m actually craving mozzarella sticks real bad right now. Fuck.

Shopping off of Etsy. Or shopping in general for something random but lovely. Especially if it’s handmade. I don’t always buy, because of money, but I love browsing things I would love to own.

Coffee. All kinds. I treat myself with specialty coffees every now and then.

Via Unsplash

There’s probably more. Everyone has guilty pleasures. There’s usually multiple ones, too. Because we have many things we take pleasure in.

October Writing Challenge #14

I know you’re wondering where #13 is. I may write it later. I’m still figuring out what I’m doing with that (talked about that here). So yes, 14 is coming before 13. 

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