Favorite Animals (#11)

I love animals – all kinds. So it’s hard to narrow it down to a few favorites, but I think that’s what I’m going to do for this post. So here are just a few that I’ve always loved (excluding cats and dogs and domestic animals):

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1.) Wolves

It makes me sad to see a breed so beautiful on it’s way out to extinction because people are greedy and just…. dumb. They don’t understand that they’re an essential breed in nature, the kings of the forest. If they’re eating your livestock, there’s a reason. And the answer is not to kill them. I get upset over this situation.

Wolves are beautiful creatures, and very loyal to their pack. They’ve always been my favorite animal. 

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2.) Foxes

Ray and I took a trip to this town called Foxburg this past summer, and I got myself a little stuffed fox toy (Ray actually bought it for me). But it just revamped how much I really love foxes. Seeing videos of them, too, although it’s frustrating that people actually want to own them as pets when they’re supposed to be in the wild. Arctic foxes are simply beautiful. 

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3.) Tigers

Here’s another breed that humans, for some reason, are trying to keep indoors versus outdoors in their natural habitat. While the lion is the king, the tiger is one I’ve always thought was more beautiful and unique with their markings.

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4.) Elephants

How can you not love elephants? They’re so adorable despite their size. And very in tune with humans. Here’s another animal being cruelly killed used for their tusks, the whole thing makes me sick.

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5.) Dolphins

I went to Pittsburgh Aquarium once while I was at the zoo. I remember seeing elephants (at the zoo), but I can’t remember if I saw dolphins at the aquarium. I feel like I may have. I’d love to see a dolphin up close, they say they’re very intelligent.

I tried to pick a variety of animals, because I love so many. I have a big heart when it comes to our furry (and non-furry) friends. Nature in general – I have a big heart, and it makes me sad how breeds are growing extinct because people are cruel and hateful. They kill for skins, tusks, etc. Or they kill just for sport. I believe hunting is a good resource for food, and population control, but don’t kill for fun. Be mindful, understand your land. More importantly, understand nature. The world is the way it is for a reason – you take something from the top of the food chain and get rid of it, you’re going to get overrun with what nature would’ve taken care of for you. The sad thing is, people just don’t care.

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14 thoughts on “Favorite Animals (#11)”

  1. I love wolves! I actually met a hybrid one time; half wolf and half something else. They can be really mean or really nice, sometimes there’s no in between. The one I met, kind of bite my hand a little. Thought I was going to turn in one lmaooo but I love this post!

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    1. Haha that’s cool! They’re a lot of half wolf and half dogs out there, in some places you have to have a permit or license to own one because of what you said. Their basic instinct is to be in the wild though. That’s funny you thought you’d turn into one 😂 our dog that we have, he’s a mixed breed but he kind of looks like a wolf. Love it.


      1. Lol I agree about the permit though. I got a little nervous but I definitely kept my distance. But lmaooo! I was telling myself that I’d be howling at the moon that night, but it didn’t happen lol. And your lucky! You have your own wolf lol

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