Reasons To Be Happy (#10)

I woke up today. I have air in my lungs, a roof over my head, and clothes on my body. This morning I had a hot shower with running water. Right now, I’m drinking hot coffee I brewed from my Keurig.

There are many reasons to be happy. We focus a lot on the negative aspects because they bring us down faster than these things that are positive and should bring us up. 

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If you’re reading this on a computer or a phone or a tablet.

If you currently own anything electronic, like a TV.

Music. How can you not be happy connecting to music?

Pets. Something about cuddling a fluffy animal just makes everything better.

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Gifts. Did you buy someone something recently? Were they happy to receive it? Doesn’t that make you happy you made someone else happy? Or did someone buy or give you something that had meaning behind it?

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Friends. Whether you have plenty or very few, it just takes one person to make your day better.

The sky. That big colorful painting we see everyday when we look up. Does it make you feel small? That’s how your problems are. Small, minuscule. There’s a ray of sunshine if you look hard enough.

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You may have had a terrible day. Some days, everything feels like it’s falling apart. But even at the end of the roughest day, there’s at least one thing you can find to be happy about. Focus on that one thing. Because it’s your rock, it helps you to move forward. There’s always a reason to be happy or thankful for life. 

I get it, I’m a pessimist some days, too. Other days, everything gets to me and I literally have a meltdown because I’ve bottled things up, kept them to myself, and I just have to let it out. It makes me feel that nothing will get better, that life is trying. 

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But you know what? Things are better than they used to be. In so many ways. I’m an adult now, I have more freedom than I used to. For the first time in my life, I have someone consistent around. And, I have some really good friends, even if they’re far away.

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Happiness is fleeting, it’s not a goal, but a state of emotion. Yet, we all strive to keep this feeling alive, to keep it burning. Nobody wants to be sad. So find something to ignite that fire, whether it’s a goal, passion, person – anything at all. Your cat could inspire you – hell, I use mine as a model. Just let yourself be happy, wipe that stress away. Don’t wallow in your misery. We torture ourselves enough, don’t you think?

October Writing Challenge #10

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