Favorite Sounds (#8)

The sounds of crickets at night. Or birds in the morning. You really feel a sense of peace and calm when you hear nature singing. Ocean and forest sounds.

The sound of pages turning in a book.

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The sound old Playstation One games would make when they would load up.

The sound of keys clicking on a keyboard.

The sound of coffee brewing from my Keurig.

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The sound of rain and thunderstorms. Running water.

Cats purring.

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The sound of silence.

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Overall, music is my favorite sound. Piano music especially – I always wished I knew how to play. The chords when hit right, they sound so beautiful and listening to it makes me feel a sense of peace and tranquility and just…. in tune with the music itself. Not just piano music, but orchestras, different instruments. When a song pulls at your heart and emotions – without words – it’s a different kind of beauty. That’s the talent of a true artist.

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There are many favorite sounds, these were the ones I thought of off the top of my head. What are some of your favorite sounds?

October Writing Challenge #8

14 thoughts on “Favorite Sounds (#8)”

      1. I’ve honestly never read any of the books to the to end. Except the newest one, the Cursed Child. I just remember getting the Sorcerer’s Stone for Christmas the year it came out on DVD and then started seeing it at the midnight showings in theaters every time a new one came out.

        Why didn’t you like the last couple of movies? 😦

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      2. Ohh really? Haha I used to be such an avid reader as a kid. When the trailer for the Sorcerer’s Stone came out, I picked up the first Harry Potter book and read all 4 (what was out at the time) in one week. I was obsessed! 😂 I haven’t read the newest one yet.

        I think the last couple movies didn’t appeal to me much because I noticed differences in the movies and books, and the books were like my childhood completely. Every time a new book would come out, I’d read them over again. So to see those differences and to not have my favorite scenes in the movies made me not like them as much.

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      3. I can pretty much only finish books that are written in first person. I had a hard time with the HP series but love love love the cast of HP so much, they’re the reason for my HP obsession! They’re all so perfect lol.

        Ah I’ve heard that a lot from people who read all the books. I love every single movie but that’s probably because I haven’t read it. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ohh I see! What is it about third person that you don’t like? And the Harry Potter cast is amazing! I love them all, too, haha. Rupert Grint kind of fell off the game wheel though, he’s probably set for life 😂

        Haha that’s true! It’s only because you fell in love with the movies and haven’t read the books :p the books are better 😂


      5. I love first person, I want to be able to connect to one character throughout the book and know all of their thoughts, different perspective first person’s are even better. I just hate reading in the 3rd person, it’s so boring to me. 😛

        Ruper Grint’s my fave!! It’s probably hard for him to get another job, even if he wanted to because he is so unique looking lol, he’d have the be the exact match and description…like he was for Ron, lol.

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      6. I love that feeling, too! Haha I enjoy some third person reading but it does depend on the style of the author. Some are really well done (like Harry Potter) where you can still connect with the characters (:

        And oh I love him! I saw once that people said he was a COPY of Ed Sheeran and I died a little. Like… he was around way before Sheeran was haha. And that’s true! But he’s such a cool person! He could probably do interviews and still live well based off the money he made from Harry Potter haha

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      7. There are some books I’ve read that switch between first person and third person and usually those are okay for me.

        Are you shitting me? I’m sure Rupert is older which would make Ed Sheeran his copy…lol I watched a video of Rupert reading “I’m in Love with the Shape of You” like a poem, lmao.

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