Current Vibes (#4)

I’ve never heard of her before today, but a few of her songs sounded familiar. Legit discovered her through a video on Fine Brothers, but I’m in love with her music. Such a unique sound.

Now I have to watch all of her music videos because they’re supposed to be heard and watched in order. She has this bubbly  and cutesy look, but her lyrics are dark and twisted and they tell a story. 

Here’s my song of the day by her:

Pity Party by Melanie Martinez


5 thoughts on “Current Vibes (#4)”

  1. Oh wow, I can’t believe you’ve never heard of her before. I really love her music, her voice, and style. Carousel was actually mine and my boyfriend’s ‘song’ when we first met, lol. I’ve watched a lot of her videos but not in order like you’re supposed to but I’ve always been meaning to!

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    1. I’m surprised I’ve never heard of her either! Although I know I heard Carousel on AHS before, just never looked into it. That’s crazy though, I actually love all her songs on her album 🙂 haha they definitely make more sense watching in order. I just love how artsy and original her style is

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