A Little Bit of An Update

One thing is for sure – I am great at writing everyday. I wake up with full motivation to type up a blog post. And I absolutely love it. So my writing challenge – on point with it everyday. My photography challenge, however, I think I’m going to have to cut it back to every few days versus everyday. It’s too hard right now to find time to take photos everyday, and when I do, they have been mostly basic.

Via Unsplash

I love photography, I really do. And I want to work on pursuing it more. However, it takes a bit more time and effort to get it done. It’s not like waking up and opening up my laptop, going online, and writing out a post. It’s something that requires a bit more thought and creativity behind it. This weekend was extremely exhausting with it being college homecoming up here (mentioned it here). Last night after work, I came home, ate, and found that I could barely keep my eyes open once again. 

A few days ago, I ordered a couple of filters for my camera, as well as a remote. The filters include a UV one, and others that help with focusing better in light, and also helps protect the actual lens. I also ordered Macro close-up lenses to attach to my current lens. I’m actually stoked to give them all a try, I did play around a bit with seeing how they fit on my camera last night. However, I didn’t attempt any photography (hence, another night with no post). The remote is to help with long exposures (night time photography) and self portraits. 

Until I get things situated, I feel that cutting back on how often I post the photography challenge photos, the easier it’s going to be on me. I knew when I created the challenge, it may be a bit much for me with work. Some people can handle all of that, I’m not very good at it. I’d rather focus on one or the other. Unfortunately, money trumps fun right now. 

Via Unsplash

This post is just an update to let you guys know I’ll be posting less photography challenge photos. I think I may pick a few of the topics I chose, and go from there. Every couple of days versus everyday – it’d give me more time to think out something more creative to do, as well as more time to get it done. Maybe I’ll even go completely off topic and just do a random photo. After all, my blog, my challenge, I can mix it up, right?

Thank you for sticking by me through my challenges, I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful day!

There will be a writing challenge post later on today.

6 thoughts on “A Little Bit of An Update”

  1. I do really see your talent and love for photography, hopefully one day it’ll be easier for you to do what you want with it. Sounds like you have a lot of fun attachments and such for your camera! Hope you enjoy testing them out. 🙂 But this is your blog and if you don’t have the time or means, we totally understand and will still be here to support you!

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    1. Thank you so much 💜 they’ve been fun to play around with, but I haven’t had much of a chance to take photos when I want to take them lol. I’ve been wanting to get food sky pictures but I’ll slack and then the sun is down and it’s dark 😂 and at night lately the moon has been hiding.
      But thank you for the support! I really appreciate it 💜💜

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