What Opportunity Are You Waiting For (#6)

There are a few opportunities that I’ve been waiting for. The most recent one is job related.

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Last night, I filled out 7 more applications to the previous bank I applied for. I received emails for the first three jobs I applied for, all saying they hired someone else for the positions. So I figured, now that my reference has finally gone through, why not spam them with my name. If they see it enough, won’t that stick out?

I applied for jobs I don’t even qualify for, that’s how much I’m trying to get in. I’m a quick learner, and I want to learn. There’s no real reason for them not to hire me for something, right? Actually one of the jobs I applied for was a marketing internship, and if anything I sort of want that one the most. It’s only part time, but marketing walks hand in hand with graphic design. And part of the requirements is website reviewing and social media updates. Hello, I’m more than qualified for this. Plus it would look excellent on my resume. 

Speaking of – I spiffed it up a bit. I actually used an online template, had to pay $1.95 for it, but it was worth it because the free ones all looked basic and terrible. At least the one I picked looked nice. I wish I had Microsoft Office on my computer, which I used to get for free while I was a student and recent graduate, but they took away that from us. I went to download it the one day and it said it wasn’t available anymore. There’s hardly any benefits to being an alum from my college it feels. Yet, they constantly ask for donations.

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Basically though, my resume looks and sounds a lot better – I used most of the examples to make it sound better, and now it looks even better, too. The next thing I have to work on is building a new online portfolio, but I want to come up with a name I can use. Branding yourself is one of the hardest things to do when you suck at coming up with creative and fun names. I want to do something simple, but catchy. So before I even work on that portfolio, I need to figure that out.

Opportunities have been presenting themselves to me lately, and I feel like I’m finally accomplishing things. Today, I actually had my eye exam so I have contacts back again. Yay complete vision! It hurt my wallet a bit, had to use a credit card to pay for the extra, but it’s actually cheaper to get a yearly supply now through them, versus buying them later on. They gave me a card for a $100 rebate back on them, which would only charge me $89. For 4 boxes of contacts. It’s worth it. 

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The next thing is my State ID and work on getting my permit. Things should be a tad easier after next week, although the one thing I’m worried about is finding a way to bring in some extra revenue. The more I get into photography again, the more I want to start doing some small shoots to make some extra cash. Fingers crossed one of these jobs at the bank calls me back. The money, hours and benefits would make it all worth it.

Lastly, I’m waiting for the opportunity to see Ray again. It’s already been a month and it’s killing me slowly. Okay, maybe I’m being dramatic, but I miss him a lot. I just have to keep reminding myself that in 3 weeks I will see him. 21 more days, if I made it a month, I can make it another, right? 

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I would also like to use this post to announce that I got a notification telling me I’ve reached over 500 likes on this blog. I just wanted to say a big thank you once again, for everyone who has liked, commented or followed my blog. You guys are great (:

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      1. Are you shitting me? lol I also wear Air Optix and I only get half a year worth’s from Walmart each time, so this is my second time with the same prescription and mine cost more than your whole year’s worth. 😦

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