What Do You Wish There Was More of In The World? (#5)

I wish there was more faith in the world.

So many of us look at it from a pessimistic view these days because of world events. Our leaders are not who we wish they were, or not someone we can admire. Fights, rebellions, the thought of war even approaching – it’s scary, it gives people a bad look at the world. They start to hate, they start to fear. 

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Faith is important. Faith in humanity, the upcoming generations – whether we agree with society or not – and faith in ourselves. There’s always hope, you just have to look for it. I’m not even talking about faith in religion – although, if that’s what you find and it helps you see the light in the world, then that’s great! I’m talking about faith in anything at all. Find something to believe in, that gives you hope.

I wish there was more understanding in the world.

Often, I’m always hearing someone accusing someone else because they don’t understand their culture, religion, who they are as a person. People tend to forget that we are all human beings, there are circumstances that help make us who we are, and sadly, sometimes those circumstances are the worst conditions of all. A bad person wasn’t born bad – it usually reflects off a mental condition that was never properly treated, or the environment they grew up in. 

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Before you hate your enemies, think about why they are your enemy. The history. Imagine yourself in their shoes. Are you really any different from each other? Isn’t your goal the same? Underneath it all, wouldn’t you do anything to protect your family? To survive? I’m not saying you have to like them, but put yourself in someone else’s perspective instead of being one-sided.

The news and media have a tendency to blow things out of proportion, to make us hate and fear those we don’t understand. Innocent people get thrown into that mix just because they follow a similar religion or culture. 

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When you think about it, a lot of Americans look at other cultures like, “everyone looks the same, acts the same,” But at the same time, other cultures look at America the same – We all look the same because there is a lack of understanding. When you get to know someone on a personal level, you understand and see those differences. You can’t know this if you lump everyone in the same category. People and culture are misunderstood. Which is sad, because every culture is so beautiful if you engulf yourself in it and learn to understand it.

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The other common misunderstanding is between us as people. My mom and I have very different viewpoints when it comes to the world and politics and news. She feels I’m naive, I feel she’s too judging. Mostly because she won’t even look at things from my perspective, and I’ve noticed there’s a lot of that in people. Ignorance is bliss, they say. 

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I wish there was more love in the world.

This one may be cliche, but I do wish there was. We live in a world that is based off greed and power, and everyone is too money hungry to focus on the most important thing – it means nothing if you have no one to love. 

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Maybe this is why so many people lack faith and hope in the world. It’s hard when you’re struggling. It’s hard maintaining when you do have it. It’s not always about money or power though, and in the big picture of life, wouldn’t you rather take the memory of seeing that beautiful landscape at sunset with a close friend, lover, sibling, parent, someone! , versus sitting in an office listening to customers and clients all day.

Life is short, learn to love and forgive.

There are many things I wish we had  more of in the world. These are just a few. I could get into a whole post on my thoughts of society and the world as we know it, but we could be here awhile. People have many different views on it.

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All I know, is that when I sit down and really think about the world, I wish I could see more of it. We shouldn’t have to fear about going out there and seeing the beauty in life. Yet the media is constantly displaying this fear, and after recent incidents, who wants to go anywhere? But at the same time, you have to embrace fear as a way of life. See the world. Stop being afraid. I’d rather die young and have seen the world, rather die old and never left or gone anywhere out of fear. 

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My mom runs her life off paranoia these days, and the idea of driving to the new and unfamiliar absolutely terrifies her. What if she got lost? She doesn’t understand modern technology that well, despite me telling her she has a GPS right off her phone. It doesn’t help her fear.

How do you know a charming stranger isn’t secretly an ax murderer? You don’t. 

Where am I going with this post now? I’m not even sure.

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Take risks! Learn to understand people. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, because underneath the surface, you don’t know what stories fill the pages. Don’t believe everything you see on the media. Do spread the love, and have a little faith.

October Writing Challenge #5

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